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Which of the Following Statements Describes ICS Form 201 The Best?

A: Catalogs all reserves and institution homework for the forthcoming operations period

B: It enables a Single Resource Unit Leader to trace crucial actions during every operational period.

C: It is conducted by the Safety Officer to deal with security problems and specify mitigation measures.

D: It includes status information for informing the incoming Incident Commander or other incoming reserves.

Here the answer is D: It includes status information for informing the incoming Incident Commander or other incoming reserves.

What Do You Mean By ICS Form 201?

The full name of ICS is Incident Command System. It is nothing but a page of a manual for the Incident Command System. It is generally recognized as the written historical document of the initial obtained reaction to the incident. The main objective of this form is to offer the incident commander significant details related to the resources on hand and the situations of the event. 

There are a lot of ICS forms like ICS Form 201 such as ICS Form 202’s main goal, in contrast to ICS Form 201 is to interpret the objectives of the incident, the important event plan, security issues, and command preferences. 

What Is The Objective Of ICS Form 201?

The general information about the situation of the event along with the resources assigned to the event are given to the Incident Commander in the Incident Briefing form. 

Preparation Of The ICS Form 201

The outgoing Incident Commander will receive the briefing form from the present Incident Commander along with a longer briefing orally. While making a map of the incident, it is very important to use proper symbols. 

Distribution Of The ICS Form 201

The incident briefing is propagated and circulated to the Command employees, the Chief of various sections, Branch Directors, the various supervisors, and the most capable members of the Planning and Logistics department. These Unit Leaders work after learning the initial briefing of the Incident Command and General Staff members. The sketch map of the briefing form and the description of the present action is sent to the Situation Unit and the overview of the prevailing organizational structure and convenient sources are sent to the Resources Unit. 

The Objectives Of The ICS Form 202 Are As Follows: 

  • A catalog of the resources they possess at their disposal and a catalog of team members. 
  • A catalog of the team members generated calculated purposes and activities. 
  • A sharp note of the forthcoming incidents. 
  • A raw map or sketch of the locale of the action. 

The Five Main Functional Areas Of The Incident Command System Or ICS Are Given Below: 


The Operations Section Chief has to handle every tactical work during an event. Some of its duties are to keep in close communication with the IC, to approve the transfer of resources, to survey the execution of the operational components of IAP, and many more. 


A deputy must be highly qualified to play the role at the command level, branch level, or section level. 


The finance chief must handle all the components of an event related to finance. 


The logistics part manages every event support needs, excluding logistics help for air activities. This division provides medical care, interactions, food services, supplies, transportation, and faculties.


The Planning Division takes the responsibility of organizing and giving planning sessions and providing planning services for the incident. 


  • For What Is The ICS Form Used?

This form provides the required details to the incident officer about a specific event. It also tells about the involved event resources. 

  • What Are The Main Parts Of The ICS?

The primary parts of the ICS are: 

  • Command 
  • Operations 
  • Planning 
  • Logistics 
  • Administration 
  • What Are The Kinds Of ICS? 

There are four kinds of ICS such as: 

  • Power ICS 
  • Analog ICS 
  • Mixed-Signal ICS 
  • Digital ICS 
  • What Are The Different Stages Of ICS?

There are four stages of ICS such as: 

  • Initial response
  • Consolidation phase
  • Recovery phase
  • Restoration of normal 

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