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Woohoo Web Technologies guarantees a 100% Non-Disclosure Agreement to prevent unauthorized access to client-owned “Confidential Information,” ensuring its proper use. We affirm that this information will never be misused or disclosed to any other clients.

General Conditions

We hereby declare that all materials published and posted on our website (www.woohoowebtechnologies.com), including content, images, website design and layout, illustrations, reviews, portfolios, company logos, trademarks, etc., are the exclusive property of Woohoo Web Technologies and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. No one is permitted to use, copy, modify, transfer, exploit, or distribute any Woohoo Web Technologies property for commercial or non-commercial purposes without explicit permission. Additionally, the name and logo of Woohoo Web Technologies may not be used for any advertising or publicity purposes without prior written consent from the respective owner of Woohoo Web Technologies.

We reserve the exclusive right to revise the ‘Terms & Conditions of Use’ and any other information on this website without prior notice. Woohoo Web Technologies may also update or modify the products, services, and programs described on www.woohoowebtechnologies.com at any time without notice. We retain the right to change product pricing, terms, specifications, and warranties without prior notification or acknowledgment.

While browsing, accessing, and using the Woohoo Web Technologies website (www.woohoowebtechnologies.com), you are prohibited from posting or transmitting any unlawful, threatening, harassing, defamatory, libelous, obscene, pornographic, or profane material. Additionally, you must not share any content that could constitute or encourage misconduct or be considered a criminal offense.

Terms For Order

The Markup Delivery Time :

  • First page in 10 to 24 working hours
  • Each additional page takes 4 hours on standard basis but may take more for complex page.
  • The price for additional page is discounted by 40% for each page.
  • Expedited or Urgent Delivery increases the total cost.

Development Team Availability :

  • Monday to Friday – 9:30 AM – 06:30 PM IST (4:00 AM – 1 PM GMT).
  • Our Support is available almost.
  • 24 x 7.

If You Will Order In Week Days :

  • Our representative will contact you same day and will create your account and project in our project managment system.
  • Here you will be in direct touch with our development team through this interface.
  • Estimated timeline shown here when ordered might be change after we are clear on complete project details.
  • For CMS or Ecommerce project you will get milestones and confirmed project delivery date in our project management system.
  • For BULK ORDERS we provide custom discounts and great delivery adjustments.

It is advisable that every client must mark a mail to info@woohoowebtechnologies.com along with package or payment details once paid. Note: Payments of Woohoo Web Technologies services shall be made in U.S. Dollars / Indian Rupee / Au Dollar. Having any query? or Concern? Give us a call: +91 7003640104 or you can Live Chat or Contact us

Payment Terms

  • We would like to draw your attention towards below mentioned payment policies enforced by www.woohoowebtechnologies.com. Please note that if you want us to work on your server or if you want that we send files over to you each time we have any update to show you or if you want that we send you final files right after the job is finished. You would require to pay us in full that is 100% advance to avoid any delay in getting final payment or preparing the final files. If that term is not clear feel free to contact us.

    • 100% upfront amount is payable by the client in favour of Woohoo Web Technologies if the ORDER VALUE is less than 100 USD.
    • 30% upfront amount needs to be paid by the client in favour of Woohoo Web Technologies, if the ORDER VALUE is more than 100 USD and less than 500 USD.
    • 50% upfront amount needs to be paid by the client in favour of Woohoo Web Technologies, if the ORDER VALUE is more than 500 USD.

    Money Back Guarantee

    Our Money Back Guarantee Policy is in pure compliance with all the commitment we made for our each project. Woohoo Web Technologies refund its client’s money if it is in accordance with the policies set by our management. But, under any circumstances, we are not liable to refund your money if you have breached our predefined standard obligations.

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Quick Contact
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