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  • June 20th, 2024

What Should You Know About The Five-Day Simple Extensions?

“You can now apply for a simple extension of five calendar days from your assessment due date, replacing the previous two-day simple extension.” – The University of Sydney.

The above-mentioned thing is true. The University of Sydney is prolonging simple extensions for five days. They gave only two days in the previous coursework policies. And now, the learners will obtain three more days to heal from any health problems, or injuries, or be eased from other troubles. 

Now we will let you know what this is and why or how it has been changed. We will also help you to learn the basic reasons why students plea for a simple extension. So, let’s come to the main point. 

What Do You Mean By Simple Extension? In What Way Does It Differ From A Special Consideration? 

First of all, a simple extension is mainly the savior days or time you obtain before submitting your task. Students often face a lot of difficulties to submit their assignments on time. They become scared of deadlines. The deadline even snatches away their sleep too. 

That is why the coursework policies decided to give the students two days of extension on their deadline. In brief, you may submit your coursework a day or two late from the due date. But now the simple extension has been prolonged to five days. 

On the contrary, special consideration is a lengthy extension. We know that medical problems and emergencies can not be overcome within a few days only. Hence the students may apply for special considerations which allow them to submit their assignment as per their appealed time. 

But you have to provide relevant proof for special consideration. It is very important to provide a medical certificate or a copy of evidence of a crucial obligation. You have to give a declaration along with the papers to submit your coursework as soon as you come back. 

How Can I Request A Simple Extension?

Most students want to know whether they can ask for special consideration even after getting a five-day extension. Yes, you may apply for it. 

The change of policy can not abolish the rights of students to get special consideration. If you want to ask for a special extension you have to follow the steps given below: 

  • First of all, you have to talk to the course study coordinator to let him know why you are applying for a simple extension. If they approve your request you will obtain a simple extension and will be notified through email. 
  • Secondly, you have to send out an email to your course coordinator. You have to mention your student ID and the reason for the simple extension in your email. 
  • Furthermore, as soon as your study coordinator gives you a green signal, you will be able to receive a five-calendar-day extension without any punishment. 
  • Last, but not least, you will not be able to ask for an extension in case your course coordinator does not give you permission for it. 

Furthermore, the policy aims to lessen the stress of the special considerations system which is always in a high queue of applications, and with this policy, students will not have to wait for a long time to get approval anymore. 

What Is A Good Reason To Apply For An Extension? 

We have given some examples in the following for which students may ask for an extension: 

  • A temporary physical illness or injury 
  • Current problems with short-term mental health 
  • A permanent physical disorder that has been decorated recently be it temporary or lengthy. 
  • A long-term mental disorder that has been recently worsened be it temporary or permanent. 
  • A current loss or serious illness of your close friend or relative.
  • A close relationship like marriage has recently broken down. 
  • Emergencies related to dependents.
  • Short-notice job or intern interview that seeks a considerable amount of time for instance because of the journey. 
  • Survivor of an offense that is simply causing significant mental pain. 
  • Military war, harsh weather, or natural mishap. 

In brief, you may apply for an extension for the reasons that are mentioned above. You have to follow the guidelines discussed above if you want to ask for a simple extension. 

What About In-Class Assessments And Quizzes?

Ultimately, as per the Coursework Policy, you will be allowed to obtain an extension of a maximum of five days for a project like an in-class assessment, quiz, or brief test. Moreover, it is a kind of casual contract with your unit program coordinator that does not require a formal plea. 
Furthermore, in case you are not able to take an in-person exam like a quiz or brief test your unit of study administrator will approve you a five-day extension. So, if you want to apply for a simple extension for a quiz or exam you may send an email to your course of study supervisor and wait for the arrival of the written authorization. If you still have any doubt you may contact My Assignment Writing Help

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