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The Thoughts of Harrison Bergeron 

Wholehearted equality is impossible to accomplish in the totalitarian dystopia Kurt Vonnegut Jr. describes in “Harrison Bergeron.” The futuristic short story centers on a world where individuals are compelled to act in a certain way and conceal their own traits. Harrison Bergeron contains a lot of subjects, despite being a short novella.

The tale goes deeply into the neighborhood and the people who are forced to lie to themselves and follow the rules of power. Some of them act in this manner because it will promote their goals inside the government, while others act in this manner because they are worried about possible repercussions.

Here, we’ll go into the world created by Harrison Bergeron and look at the various subjects it covers.

Themes in Harrison Bergeron: A Comprehensive Review

Individualistic Thought vs. Equal opportunity

A government that has a distinct definition of equality is central to the plot. To guarantee that everyone is treated equally, they assign mental and physical impairments to persons with higher-than-average strength and intellect.

Equality is one of society’s most important tenets, yet the author presents it in a totally different light. A clear grasp of the relationship between equality, freedom, and individuality is necessary to appreciate the society in the novel.

One of the key topics of Harrison Bergeron’s work is complete equality and its damaging implications on society. All above-average persons are given handicaps and are not permitted to fully utilize their strengths thanks to their personality of Handicapper General. Being compelled to wear measurements and a face shield that obstructs his sense of sight and hearing prevents Harrison Bergeron from showcasing his tremendous ability and intelligence on the pitch.

Uniqueness & Imagination

The narrative emphasizes the value of uniqueness and inventiveness. As was already established, the government pushes those who are more clever and competent than others to act like everyone else. People who are stifled by the government are unable to achieve in their areas because they are unable to discover their capabilities.

The topic is still extremely timely nowadays since preventing people from reaching their full potential makes it more difficult for societies to develop and prosper. The opposite is also true: promoting originality and innovation could improve society.

Major businesses that are profitable and have surpassed their competitors rely on their employees while encouraging them to develop themselves as people and share their ideas. It is crucial for everyone and the best development strategy. It is clear from the little tale why slowing down progress would be bad for society. Inhibiting progress would be bad for society, as the brief tale makes quite clear.

Totalitarian Government’s Danger

Every individual in today’s environment acknowledges that the function of the government in society is significant. In his story, Harrison Bergeron imagines a totalitarian state where individuals are forced to act whatever they like. The Handicapper General is a representation of the government’s strategy of keeping talented people from reaching their full potential.

In the present world, many think that keeping a fair and equal society is only possible with the help of the government. There is a tiny group of people who believe that the power that belongs to the governing body should be reduced and that individuals ought to have the opportunity to pursue their own interests and hobbies while still improving the world.

The role of the governing bodies is a contentious issue everywhere in the globe. In “Harrison Bergeron,” a totalitarian government exemplifies all the detrimental effects such dictators have on society. It is crucial to comprehend how the author is using the subject and take into account the potential social effects of such laws and regulations. Consideration needs to be taken before we really experience what the story portrays since the way government officials now operate is under examination.

The Influence of TV

In the narrative “Harrison Bergeron,” television is a key element. The writer employed media effectively since it has a significant impact on the general public. All of the characters that appear in the story are sedated, controlled, and terrorized by television in the narrative. The two characters George and Hazel, who are seated in front of the TV, really serve as the story’s narrators throughout.

The current administration has also utilized television to enforce new rules and spread its ideas. Television and other forms of media are also quite important in modern society. On occasion, individuals will express their thoughts about something they see on television.

The anecdote demonstrates just how governments utilize television to spread their ideas, and it would be naive to disregard the significance of television in influencing people’s attitudes. There is a potential that television will still play a crucial part in the future, where the narrative is set if people don’t act now.

The Importance of Protecting Individual Freedom and Rights

The importance of speaking out for one’s personal freedoms and independence is emphasized in the novel. A totalitarian regime prevents people from realizing their full potential, hence it is the responsibility of the ordinary people to rise up and rebel against it.

The plot demonstrates how the main character, Harrison Bergeron, rebels against the government, which is one of the novel’s central themes.

Nowadays, people are worried about their rights as individuals in terms of social and economic equality. They are unable to pursue their interests and objectives because of the numerous laws that the government enforces. People who think that preserving equality in society depends heavily on individual freedoms and rights disagree on this point.

The narrative makes clear that in order to accomplish their aims, regular people must rebel against governmental regulations and fight for their rights. Consequently, if you read the narrative “Harrison Bergeron,” you will comprehend how the novel’s main theme centers on a struggle for individual rights against the government.

The Influence of Art

Harrison Bergeron seized the opportunity to rebel against the government as the administration did everything it could to repress the population. The government recognizes the possibility of a revolution and is bracing for a coup in the novel, but Harrison leverages artwork to spark the uprising. He performs a dancing routine on live television with a musical group that is likewise disabled.

His use of the medium and the art form itself amply demonstrates his opposition to imposed equality and demonstrates how art can be a tool for social change.

 It examines how art may be used to organize a nonviolent protest and is one of the most important elements of the entire narrative. Harrison is slain by the state early in the narrative, thus he is unable to finish the performance. But the mere fact that he elevated his voice against injustice illustrates the strength of normal human beings and the manner in which they can speak out to protect what is right for them.

The narrative depicts several contemporary occurrences as well as how individuals must organize a revolution to demand their rights.


In the novella “Harrison Bergeron,” some of society’s most pressing issues are examined and how they should be handled. The narrative also demonstrates how people should speak up against the government for a brighter future and how remaining silent might be harmful to them. The narrative, which is set in a future universe, as well serves as a warning to everyone who is taking things for award and doing nothing. After reading the narrative, you will see how important each of the concepts is to the globe.

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