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  • June 20th, 2024

The Best NYU Classes You Should Attain 

New York University or NYU gives students a great opportunity to get rid of from attending regular 8 a.m. classes and offers you to study something very interesting. NYU allows you to choose your elective classes and you make your major subject as per your choice. So, if you have registered your name for a major at New York University and are confused to determine which electives are to be taken up.

Love Actually 

This is not at all a movie, rather it is considered to be the best holiday season rom-com. This is the best psychology class on the entire campus because the theme of it is love. This class will allow you to discuss love as a psychological aspect of your life. This is a very interesting class but it might be difficult too.

Feminism & Theatre 

If you are active in feminism you may choose to take up this class. In this class, you have to study different plays written by women playwrights. Furthermore, you will be able to learn about the origin and history of female theatre. This class will help you to gain profound knowledge about feminist literature.

The Science Of Happiness 

The main interesting point of this class is that it is open to all students of NYU. The students get attracted to this class due to its essence.

Enlightenment Literature & Philosophy 

Professor Wendy Lee takes this class that must be taken up by every student no matter if they are majoring in English or not.


This is a very interesting class that describes everything about you.

Couture/Culture: Fashion And Globalization 

Fashion-conscious people can join this class. This class will help you to learn the fashion trends in detail.

Clive Davis Masterclass Series 

If you have an interest in music you may take up this class. This class will help you to learn how the music industry runs from producing and mixing to album art covering and photography.

Monsters In Popular Culture: Invented, Awakened, Invading 

This course will help you to learn about monsters from folklore to well-known literature and films.

Graphic Storytelling: Introduction To Comics Writing 

Comic lovers can join this class. You will be able to explore your inner comic artist if you take up this NYU class. This class will help you to learn the process of drawing your original cartoons. If you do not like drawing you will be able to focus on storytelling.

Journalism And Society: Minorities In The Media 

In this class, you will hear serious discussions on hot issues like race, gender, and sexuality. The professors motivated the students to provide new ideas for fighting against the so-called prejudices.

German Cinema: Man, Monster, Machine 

If you are not satisfied with the exploitation class you may take up this course that is all about the origin, evolution, and analysis of German cinema.

Human Sexuality 

Your judgement about sex can be entirely changed if you take up this class.


This is a course related to cinema studies that discuss the growth and fall of a particular movie genre in Hollywood that has a similar name.

Food Photography 

This course will help you to learn the techniques and tricks of the trade so that you may capture perfect snaps with your DSLR. You may become a professional food photographer after taking this class.

So, irrespective of any classes you take you will be able to have lots of fun. So, without having your leisure time you may register your name in one of these classes.

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