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Some Interesting and Meaningful Topics for a Tourism Dissertation 

The tourist industry has advanced significantly. In recent years, it has progressively grown so students are drawn to study more about it. It is currently covered in many colleges’ and universities’ curricula. Students are naturally motivated to conduct research on their chosen topics and write dissertation papers about them. Here are 100 well-chosen tourism dissertation topics that may inspire you to write a paper that will get you high marks. 

A Selection of Relevant Tourism Related Dissertation Subjects 

  • Explain ecotourism with an emphasis on the eco-tourism destinations in the UK.
  • How has technology significantly altered the travel sector? Describe using concrete instances.
  • Give a thorough explanation of the idea of “dark tourism” and how it affects travel companies worldwide.
  • Give a thorough examination of the elements influencing a tourist’s choice of destination.
  • How are developed and developing countries affected by the fierce competition in the global tourism and travel industry?
  • How has internet usage impacted the UK travel and tourist industry? Describe the scope.
  • Describe how ICT was used to analyze visitors’ preferences for various travel destinations.
  • Describe the elements that affect and influence the requirements, demands, and perceptions of tourism in your review of the literature.
  • How should marketing for travel and tourism be handled after disasters?
  • One of the primary determinants of how visitors choose to travel is the environment.
  • What aspects influence the choice of a medical tourism destination?
  • Describe the significance of eco-friendly practices and how they affect the choice of hotel: a case study of the UK hospitality sector. 
  • How do social media platforms affect people’s decision-making when picking a holiday destination?
  • Give a thorough analysis of how government laws, decrees, and policies affect the growth of the tourism industry. Take into account the developing nations. 
  • Examine the effect of natural disasters on the UK tourism industry. Which effective measures are recommended to reduce this risk?
  • What effects have travel bloggers’ and vloggers’ creations had on the travel and tourism sector?
  • Describe the educational tourism programs and provide an idea of how well-liked the host countries are.
  • Mention the elements that the UK’s work-study course depends on for success.
  • Analyse international students’ satisfaction with their experiences participating in student exchange programs in the UK.
  • What opinions and attitudes do British kids have about attending summer camps?
  • Describe the effectiveness of Thai companies’ marketing and communication strategies offering cosmetic surgery and extreme makeovers. Analyse British visitors’ attitudes and perceptions critically.
  • Examine critically the variables that affect British women’s decisions to choose body contour trip packages in East Asia.
  • What impact have Swiss weight-control vacation packages had on British women? Analyze the situation objectively.
  • Choosing sex reassignment vacation packages is important for homosexuals.
  • What do British tourists think about the Chinese World Heritage Tour? A qualitative analysis.
  • Describe the factors that British customers consider while making decisions about buying Egypt tour packages.
  • Determine the variables impacting British customers’ decisions to purchase leisure hotels.
  • What qualities do British honeymooners look for in a leisure hotel?
  • What Factors Affect British Customers’ Decision to Travel to a Specific Location During the Summer or Winter Holidays?
  • What are visitors’ opinions and attitudes towards the Taj Mahal in India?
  • What effect does the brand image of hospitality businesses have on the purchasing choices of tourists?
  • How Can Visits to Death/Casualty Sites Benefit Local Communities Commercially and Socially? an examination.
  • Is Scotland’s Mercat Tour a Destination for People Seeking Grief Tourism?
  • How Do British Visitors View a Man-Made Grief Tourism Site? Give a justification. 
  • How Do Young British Women View Package Tours for Facial Lifting in East Asia?
  • What role may health tourism play in boosting the economy of the nation? India is a good example.
  • What connection does geotagging have to tourist mobility? Explain.
  • Describe the tour operators’ operational effectiveness and the suggestions connected to the different trip locations.
  • Describe how regional differences in sustainability criteria might occur. Consider the following three developed nations. 
  • How can a resource-based strategy encourage sustainable tourism, please? And if so, why?
  • How can awareness be raised to support sustainable tourism while preserving natural resources?
  • Investigate how Trip Advisor affects how travelers behave and make decisions.
  • Does the tourist business benefit from the effective operation of the environmental management system? If so, describe how.
  • How can nations maintain the balance between the demand and supply chains when it comes to tourism?
  • Describe how the developed countries’ tourism industries are being impacted by international education.
  • What are the methods that aid nations in boosting their tourist levels?
  • How might tourism aid developing nations in boosting their economies?
  • Compare the rankings of the top tourist locations over the last ten years.
  • How are nations able to advertise their educational tourism initiatives?
  • What are the causes of health tourism, what are the present trends, and what are the long-term effects of these?
  • A thorough analysis of the issues and developments in the UK’s travel and tourist industry during the past 50 years.
  • How can social media function as a venue for bringing travelers and places together? a thorough analysis of the UK situation.
  • Examine the suggestions from social media before choosing a tourist destination. Give a review of the literature.
  • Is a destination’s hotel quality a determining factor when choosing where to go on a trip?
  • Give a critical analysis of geo tagging, traveler mobility, and tourist purchasing patterns.
  • Examine the scope and difficulties facing tourism SMEs in the UK.
  • What are the tour operators’ operational results in terms of their suggestions for travel destinations? an extensive survey.
  • How might intelligent technology draw tourists? Review the problems and the scope in great detail.
  • Describe the difficulties that make up UK tourism. Give a thorough survey.
  • Does a site used for a movie have an impact on tourism there? Describe how that influences tourists in decision-making.
  • How useful are mobile social context sensors for the travel and tourism sector? Give a review of the literature. 
  • What kinds of experiences do travelers seek in a certain section of the world?
  • By conducting the study, find out if a person is willing to travel to a strange place.
  • Is it true that professional sports stadiums and arenas attract new tourists, or are these places intended primarily for locals to enjoy themselves?
  • What impact do year-round public parks and cultural institutions have on tourism? What actions may cities take to assist visitors in making travel decisions?
  • Do fun family activities affect how appealing a certain tourist destination is? 
  • Do you believe that third-world nations would have a greater global reaction if more people came there? If so, please explain.
  • Compare the various tourist strategies implemented in a significant capital city. How successful or unsuccessful is the city’s tourist industry compared to other places throughout the globe?
  • How can tourism grow in places like the South Pole or Canada’s wilderness? Describe the steps to take.
  • Why do you believe the World Tourism Organization would promote annual vacations?

Dissertation Topics in Tourism Ideas for Domestic Tourism

  • Do local transport and infrastructure have an impact on tourists and the local economy? Describe how.
  • Analyze the growth in tourism in a particular area critically and offer a thorough comparison with other areas.
  • Does local violence have an impact on visitors’ choices of destinations for their vacations?
  • Which nationalities’ citizens go abroad the most for holidays or backpacking trips? a legitimate case study.
  • What are the typical strategies used by city tourist offices to entice divers?
  • Give a thorough breakdown of the various travel seasons for nations that experience severe weather (too hot or too cold).
  • Describe the impact of religious holidays on how people travel to different regions of the world.
  • Does the US do enough to promote tourism abroad? Is the majority of the tourism geared towards residents of the 50 states?
  • Explain the key obstacles to city development’s efforts to promote tourism using suitable examples.
  • Discuss the future of international tourism in detail. shed some light on the rise in violence throughout the globe.
  • To draw tourists, go into depth about the South American countries with the most developed economies.
  • A review of the Jack the Ripper website.
  • What connection is there between hospitality and religion? an investigation of India.
  • How has the trend toward globalization influenced the global hospitality industry?
  • Describe how the internet revolution has affected the hotel sector.
  • How has AI revolutionized the hotel industry? a critical examination.
  • Is Bangkok a nice place to go for winter vacation? If so, why do you believe so, and if not, why not? a thorough investigation and study. 
  • Is tourist trapping beneficial or actually dangerous? 
  • The London tourist industry has suffered as a result of the high pricing. Describe how and why. 
  • What is it about South-East Asia that makes it such a desirable travel destination? Why does it seem more alluring to British tourists during the winter? 
  • What aspects influence British visitors’ decisions when they visit dark tourism destinations abroad?
  • How would you suggest creating a marketing strategy for London Dungeon? 
  • Dissertation Topics in Tourism Information on how the epidemic has affected the tourist industry
  • How has the Coronavirus Pandemic influenced tourism? What is the future of the travel and hospitality sector in the UK or any other nation? Select a nation you enjoy.
  • Report on the long-term effects of ongoing and new travel restrictions on the UK travel and tourism sector.
  • Insisting that the hotel industry in the Emirate is strong, Dubai Tourism has disregarded the Bloomberg Report. What exactly is the situation?
  • Will easing the travel restrictions boost the UK’s travel industry? Tell us how.
  • The introduction of the Corona Virus causes significant damage to the Caribbean’s tourism industry as visitors decide not to travel.
  • What state are the online travel agencies and tourist websites in? Give examples of the Corona Virus Pandemic’s consequences.
  • How has social distance impacted the travel and tourism sector?
  • Do you believe that travel and tourism won’t be too difficult now that Omicron is steadily Entering the scene considering the strain’s low virulence? Explain 


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