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Popular Informative Speech Topics with a Detailed Guide

The students have to deliver speeches before the entire class very often. The most popular examples of informative speeches are the effects of fast food on obesity and the process of baking a cake. But if you are doing Ph.D. you have to give a minimum 15-minute speech on an informative topic given to you and for this, you will get grades. When the students are asked to choose informative speech topics they get puzzled thinking about the strategies for picking informative speech topics and developing innovative ideas. 

What Is An Informative Speech? 

Before learning the process of selecting an informative speech topic you need to learn what informative speech is. Here is a short description of the informative speech: 

  • The primary aim of an informative speech is to inform or make the audience learn about a particular topic. An informative speech must offer extra knowledge on a topic that the audience does not know or want to know. 
  • There must be a detailed story-telling, a strong message, or an extraordinary standpoint in an informative speech. 
  • Informative speeches contain authentic and pertinent information that helps to boost the knowledge of the audience. 
  • Informative speech is completely different from traditional speech. So, one must not share personal viewpoints on a subject while giving an informative speech. 
  • An informative speech is not delivered to impress the audience. 

What Are The Different Types Of Informative Speech? 

There are mainly six types of informative speech. They are given below: 

Definition Speeches 

These types of speeches help to describe a theory or an important concept. 

Explanatory Speeches 

These types of speeches will provide the audience with an in-depth idea about the working process of something. 

Demonstrative Speeches 

These speeches describe the ways of performing work to the audience. 

Comparative Speeches 

These kinds of speeches make a comparison between two alternative things so that the audience may understand the distinctions and resemblances between two things. 

Descriptive Speeches 

These kinds of speeches describe a person, place, or object and also clarify why the object is important. 

Persuasive Speeches 

These types of speeches are given to impress a group of audience why a particular standpoint or process is better than the other available alternatives. 

So, before drafting an informative speech you need to learn the subtle differences between various types of speeches. This will help you to compose an effective informative speech. 

How Will You Choose An Informative Speech Topic? 

No matter wherever you are going to deliver an informative speech you must keep in mind that the best informative speeches have to deliver a valuable message with an eye-catching presentation. That is why you have to understand the common “five W’s” for choosing a unique topic for delivering your informative speech. Let’s have a quick look at them: 


You have to first learn who your audience is before choosing an informative speech topic. You need to comprehend the interests of your audience, why they should care about your speech, and their proficiency level on the subject. 


When means the duration of the speech. 


What is very important in an informative speech? You have to think of the interests and knowledge of a subject. 


You have to understand where you are going to deliver the speech and the type of technology available there like a whiteboard, huge screen, projector, etc. The geographical location of the place can help you to choose a topic that is related to the community living there. 


You need to understand the purpose of the speech before selecting an informative speech topic. If you want to secure good grades you have to focus on impressing your tutor. 

But before choosing any topic you should listen to your heart first. The topic that makes your heart beat faster you should go with that. If you require any help you may get in touch with My Assignment Writing Help

Here Is A Wide List Of Unique Topic Ideas For An Informative Speech 

Informative Speech Topic Ideas For The Students Who Are Studying In College 

  • Do you believe that it is very important to master the English language to become successful in this current period? 
  • Talk about the various ways to make the world free from poverty. 
  • Talk about the goal of the World Trade Centre. 
  • How do educational institutions make scholars ready to face real-life challenges? 
  • Talk about the benefits of cross-border trade and commerce in international trade. 
  • What are the pros and cons of remote working? 
  • How will you impede the top five reasons for death in the USA? 

Educational Informative Speech Topic Ideas 

  • What are the pros and cons of digital literacy? 
  • Why does a student need to go to college or university regularly? 
  • What is the importance of education for professional development? 
  • Make a comparison between the current schooling system in the US and Europe. 
  • Talk about the importance of bonding between teachers and learners. 
  • What type of challenges comes at the time of teaching digital literacy skills? 
  • Talk about history or homework and exams.

Social Media Informative Speech Topic Ideas 

  • What are the positive and negative aspects of social media? 
  • How does social media affect the patterns of communication? 
  • How to apply social media for promoting an important reason? 
  • Does social media have any responsibility for the demise of in-person conversations? 
  • What is the proper age for using social media– tell your opinions.
  • How do social media cause rebellious social movements? 

Sports Informative Speech Topic Ideas 

  • Explain the difference between a coach and a team manager. 
  • Talk about the process of how sports develop the cultural and moral values of a society.
  • What type of effects do the athletes face after interacting with steroids?
  • What is the obligation of substitutes in a football game? 
  • Talk about the sportsman spirit 

Science Informative Speech Topic Ideas 

  • How to isolate the cell from DNA? 
  • Make a comparison between 5G technology and its predecessors of it. 
  • How will you improve a vaccine by using antibodies? 
  • How to predict an earthquake? 
  • How do the solar panels work? 

Informative Speech Topic Ideas On Health 

  • How are chronic diseases treated? 
  • What are the effects of radiation on the health of people? 
  • Discuss the psychological effects of altruism. 
  • What are the facts and myths about alternative medicines? 
  • What are the pros and cons of Marijuana in medicine? 

Psychology Informative Speech Topic Ideas 

  • Discuss the psychological relationship between mother and sister 
  • How to improve sensitivity? 
  • How does the brain transform for solving complicated and simple issues? 
  • What is the importance of career counselling for the students of college and university? 
  • What type of psychology is there behind insomnia? 
  • What are the differences between empathy and sympathy?

Technology Informative Speech Topic Ideas 

  • How to design a human-like robot that can think? 
  • How to improve defective teaching with virtual reality mediums? 
  • What is the importance of learning how to code? 

Environment Informative Speech Topic Ideas 

  • Talk about reducing, reusing, and recycling.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the Greenhouse effect.
  • The effect of utilizing organic and inorganic fertilizers. 

Informative Speech Topic Ideas On Entrepreneurship 

  • What type of problems comes with entrepreneurship?
  • What is the importance of entrepreneurship for financial development? 

Business Informative Speech Topic Ideas 

  • How to align business goals and passion?
  • How to Start a New Business?
  • How to restore trade secrets with a signed privacy pact?
  • What is the importance of customer surveys in the improvement of business?

Animal Informative Speech Topic Ideas 

  • Is it essential to take urgent steps to protect dolphins?
  • Why are some animals vanishing?
  • Talk about the historical significance of cats.
  • Stop using palm oils to protect Oramg-utans.
  • Comparison between venomous and non-venomous snakes 

Literature Informative Speech Topic Ideas 

  • The impact of the world of Shakespeare and the modern language.
  • What is the effect of technology on literature? 

Amusing Informative Speech Topic Ideas 

  • Make a comparison between female and male brains. 
  • What do the Tuvetan monks say about shopping addictions?

Questionable Informative Speech Topic Ideas 

  • Take about- most people are talking about the change of climate because of politics.
  • Do you believe corruption happens because of the police?

Latest Informative Speech Topic Ideas 

  • What are the pros and cons of nuclear power? 
  • What type of life should you live to survive for 100 years?
  • How did Elon Musk become successful in life? 


  • What Are Some Decent Informative Speech Topics? 
  • Pros and cons of buying a car for yourself.
  • Categories of cheese all across the world.
  • The characteristics of every high-ranking student.
  • Why do professional athletes utilize steroids?
  • What Will You Forgo In An Informative Speech?

You have to forgo the following things when you are writing an informative speech: 

  • Conveying views 
  • Sharing additional details 
  • Utilizing filler words 
  • Talking very fast or slow 
  • Are There Any Advantages Or Disadvantages Of An Informative Speech?

Yes, there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of an informative speech. 

  • Should You Add Opinions In An Informative Speech?

No, you should not add opinions in an informative speech. 

  • How Will You Draft A Powerful Informative Speech?

You have to apply the following strategies while drafting an informative speech: 

  • Evaluate the audience 
  • Utilize proper language 
  • Be particular 
  • Evaluate your tone 
  • Add delicate repetitions
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