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List of 100 Art Dissertation Topics Suggestions

In order to receive their degree course certificate, art students pursuing higher education must prepare a dissertation paper. However, students frequently struggle with coming up with a good topic for a unique thesis. Because of this, my assignment writing help website provides assistance with Art Dissertation themes from qualified academic writers. They are committed to assisting students who want to earn the grades they want in their art course to create outstanding papers. Here are some broad themes you might think about while creating your own collection of ideas before we look at some examples of art dissertation topics:

  • Current Art
  • Claude Picasso
  • Cubism
  • Surrealism
  • The Art of Japan
  • Chinese art style
  • The Russian Arts
  • Medieval Art
  • David Da Vinci
  • Claude Picasso
  • Santos Dali
  • You can express your thoughts on the following artists from various artistic eras:
  • Age of eighteen
  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
  • Roubiliac, Louis Francois
  • Beethoven, Ludwig
  • Edward Falconet
  • Robert, Hubert
  • Innocent Rastrelli
  • Antoine Jean Houdon
  • Century 19
  • Antoine Rodin
  • Albert Klimt
  • John Paul II
  • Enrique Mamet
  • Delacroix, Eugene
  • William Vincent van Gogh
  • Giovanni Verdi
  • A century ago
  • Irene Chicago
  • Michael Pollock
  • Giacometti, Alberto
  • Warhol, Andy
  • Munch, Edward 
  • Theresa Kahlo
  • Moore, Henry Spencer


 Topics for Coursework in Modern Art

  •  Modern art during a period of increasing globalization
  •  An Examination of Activism as a Venue for contemporary art
  •  A discussion of the tools employed in contemporary art
  •  In-depth research on the expansion of art exhibitions in the late 2000s
  • A case study of modern art and Its Diversity of Forms
  • Why have political drawings completely changed art in the modern era?
  • On using a contemporary mural as a tool for political protest
  • Large-scale works of art in contemporary art
  • How technology affects contemporary art
  • Theoretical art, the Art Deco movement, and British Pop Art are discussed as modern art movements.

Comparative Analysis: Ideas for Art Dissertation Topics

  •  Picasso’s blue and rose eras are contrasted.
  • Discussion of the differences between French and English gardens’ artistic creations
  • Salvador Dali and René Magritte’s paintings compared to surrealism
  • Baroque and Rococo aesthetic elements’ parallels and differences
  •  Greek and Egyptian canons of proportionality comparison
  • A thorough examination of modern art and how it differs from earlier artistic movements
  • Similarities and differences between the styles of Baroque and Mannerism
  • What is the distinct distinction between traditional and modern Caribbean music?
  • The work of Gustave Courbet and François Mamet’s paintings are compared.
  •  An evaluation of the main concepts in Renaissance art and Middle Ages art

Themes for art-related theses

  •  An examination of Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus
  •  The relevance of 20th-century art in the present day
  • Review of the sculptures created during the Baroque and the qualities that make them recognized
  • An examination of the art form of graffiti
  • How the artistic medium of computer games is developing
  • How real is the Mozart Effect
  • A hooligan or a brilliantly gifted artist: Which is Banksy, according to the analysis of his life?
  •  On the potential for financial investment in the art world.
  • How the art of advertising is evolving in the current day
  • An Examination of the feminist movement and modern art
  • Photojournalism censorship
  •  Analyses of the reasons why art education is neglected globally
  •  Paris’s development as a global art hub in the latter part of the nineteenth century
  •  Gala’s impact on this work and Salvador Dali
  • Human Cognition and the Consequences of art education
  •  How theatre is influencing contemporary culture as a visual art form
  • Art’s Influence on daily life
  • The criteria of historical and contemporary culture for what constitutes good art
  •  Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica” and its Influence on the World: An Analysis
  • Ideas for Painting and Sculpture-Related Art Dissertation Topics
  • Albrecht Durer’s “Melancholia” and analyses of the meaning in the engravings
  • Observing Mikhail Vrabel’s “Demons” with great depth
  • Studying “The Three Graces” can help you comprehend how Peter Paul Rubens represented the feminine form.
  •  The function of ornamental features in paintings: a comparative examination of “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt.
  •  Examining how biblical themes and symbolism are represented in the artwork
  • The Garden of Delights by Hieronymus the case investigation
  • Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”: its design, structure, and Meaning
  • “La note bleu” by Eric Roux-Fontaine and Magic Realism.
  • Analyzing how Christopher David White uses structure in “Heart of Gold”
  • Examining the underlying themes of “Marriage Contract,” by Giovanni Arnolfini
  •  Patrick Hughes’ distinctive piece of art, “Darkness Falls”

Dissertation topics for art history in the past

  • In medieval Europe, why did art decline?
  • Japanese art’s effect on Van Gogh may be seen in his paintings.
  • How Muslim art has evolved through time in response to iconoclasm and been characterized by it
  • The Significance of the Second Great Migration to the Thriving Harlem Renaissance
  • Chinese Cultural Revolution and its Effects on modern art
  • The impact of Japanese culture and lifestyle on the art of the Rock Garden
  • Greek mythology’s impact may be seen in ancient Greek sculpture.
  • How the Hudson River Academy of The creative process influenced American Painting for many years
  • Effects of Raphael’s artwork throughout the Renaissance

Topics for Art Dissertations: Global Influence

  • As a type of Papua New Guinean art, totem masks
  •  A study of one aspect of the Hindi-language filmmaking business is Bollywood.
  • The development of the K-pop subculture and Korean music style
  • Japanese calligraphy styles, methods, and supplies are discussed in detail.
  • Investigating the clothing of African tribes: A textiles research
  • Maori culture’s history of the war dance haka
  • Mehndi’s roots and influences may be found in India, Africa, and the Middle East.
  • Investigating the Tradition of Vietnamese water puppetry
  • Shadow puppet tradition in Indonesian and Malaysian theatre: Wayans
  • The Chinese Circus has innovated its long-standing customs.
  • Diverse Ideas for Art Research Paper Topics
  •  An important component of Mayan art is the sacrifice
  • Stained glass art in Medieval France
  • Global development of prehistoric musical instruments
  •  A description of Edouard Mamet and Claude Monet, two of the early impressionists

Venetian funfair masks’ Development and History

  • Approximately 3,000 years of flawless preservation of the canon of Egyptian art.
  •  Apocalypse: The representation of the coming collapse of civilization by artworks throughout history
  • Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” has allusions to Renaissance art history.
  • Japanese Edo’s Kabuki Theatre with woodblock prints
  • “Philosophy of Art”: An organized account of human evolution
  • Historical development of snapping pictures as an artwork of art
  • After World War II, returning cultural items to African nations
  • Printmaking’s History and Methods
  • Ancient Egypt’s use of ornaments and protecting curses in relation to the afterlife
  • Mesoamerican Pyramids’ Artisanal Detailing

The Greek Theatre’s Discussion of Art

  • Studying the differences between Art Nouveau and Art Deco
  • Examining the balance of the song A Key Aspect of Art
  • Francisco Goya’s Biography and Contemporary Art
  • Getting acquainted with African art concepts with a woman and a kid
  • Analyzing Leonardo Da Vinci’s Practices through the Lens of religious art
  • Surrealism’s Influence on Art
  • The development of cubism in contemporary art
  • Is art therapy a genuine treatment for depression or just a myth?
  • The applications of light in art
  • A comparison between geometric and figurative art
  • Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism: Similarities and Disparities 
  • Investigating Alfred Stieglitz’s life

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