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Ideas And Support for 100 Superb History Dissertation Topics

Dissertation writing is a difficult task. If you are a history student, you will discover a variety of topics in many areas of the discipline. However, picking a poor dissertation subject might lead you to problems. As a result, we are here to aid you by offering 100 top-notch suggestions for your history dissertation. The lists below will assist you in selecting the ideal dissertation subject so you may succeed in your higher education.

Help With History Dissertation Topics: Suggestions for the Ancient Era

View the list of history dissertation subjects centered on the old era.

1. A review of the Maya Empire’s ancestors’ civilizations

2. The roles of women and gender in ancient societies

3. The Old Testament and early Near Eastern ideas

4. Pre-Columbian America: The mighty Inca Empire civilization

5. The influence of the Mongol invasion on Ancient Arab

6. The significance of poetry in ancient Greece, as well as its locations

7. Mesopotamian civilization history

8. The Olympic History of Ancient Greece

9. Analysis of the ancient world’s violence and warfare

10. Evaluation of Plutarch’s Analysis of Alexander the Great

11. A review of the fall of the Roman empire

12. Examining how geographical factors affected ancient culture

Analysis of the Causes and Effects of Art in Ancient Classical Civilization

14. Chichen Itza’s archaeological site

15. The significance of Egyptian pyramids to Egyptian civilization

16. The assessment of the Stone Age and its assessment

Dissertation Topics in History Ideas for the Seventeenth Century

17. Examining the medieval era’s cultural interactions

18. Rome underwent a cultural transition throughout the Middle Ages.

19. The perception of feudalism and manorialism in the middle ages and its evolution

20. The Catholic Church’s participation in the 14th-century Black Death epidemic.

21. The standing of Muslims and Jews in.

22. A critique of London during the Roman Empire

23. The First Crusade’s justifications: 1095–1099

24. The Franciscans’ response to and advantages from the Renaissance era in the twelfth century.

25. The Empire and Business: The British Ideal of the Orderly World

26. The problems with the population crises and conflicts of the late medieval period: Black Death

27. Church involvement and middle-aged living

28. Hindu and Islamic women’s status in Medieval India

29. The cause of the Crusade’s failure

30. The Impact of Renaissance Resources on Culture, economy, and Politics

31. Arguments in favor of the dark ages being referred to as the ‘golden ages’ of European history

World History Modern History Dissertation Topics Ideas 

34. The Influence of the Enlightenment on Society and global culture.

35. Nationalist History of the 19th Century

36. The factors that contributed to Mussolini and the fascists’ rise to power in Italy

37. The relationship between the symbolism in Renaissance paintings

38. Western civilizations’ exposure to the effects of the industrial revolution

39. The relationship between conservatism and liberal tenets and the enlightenment

40. A succinct examination of the causes of the Cuban Revolution

41. Abraham Lincoln’s historical impact

42. The role of women in the Spanish Civil War

43. European countries’ colonization and conquering of America

44. The French Revolution: A History of Its Origin & Trajectory

45. The Russian working class movement

46. Separation in the 1960s

47. A comparison of feminism and patriarchy

48. The Great Depression’s effects on fiscal and monetary policies

Cold War Based History Dissertation Topic Ideas 

49. From 1945 to 1970, the transatlantic relationship was shaped by the cold war.

50. The confrontation between the USSR and the US

51. The Cuban Missile Crisis’ causes and effects

52. The United States international relations during the Cold War

The influence of the Cold War on US ties with Latin America, item number 53

54. Berlin’s significance during the Cold War

55. Japan’s participation during the Cold War

56. The cold war’s Social and political climate

57. How cold war propaganda affected the movie business

The difficulties of the post-Cold War era

Suggestions for Geography Dissertation Themes in the History

When considering geography-related history assignments to help subject ideas, there are several fields to consider. The subject lists for history dissertations based on various geographic regions are provided in the next section.

Dissertation Topics in History Ideas for a Dissertation on European History 

59. The Age of European Discovery

60. A thorough examination of British colonization and its effects

61. Nationalism and World War II

62. The impact of World War I on the Industrial Revolution.

63. The Causes of Napoleon Bonapart’s Rise and Fall and an Analysis of the Causes of the Revolution

64. A thorough examination of Hitler’s Nazi propaganda

65. The IRA’s evolutionary characteristics

66. Napoleon’s invasion of Russia’s tactics and strategy

67. How gender roles affected the Industrial Revolution.

68. The prevalence of witchcraft in 1450–1750 European society

American History Dissertation Topics

69. A succinct examination of American migration and its effects on the economy

70. The interaction between Native Americans and Settlers, number 70

71. The Cause of the American Civil War,

72. The rehabilitation of the economy, finances, and commerce after the Civil War

73. The primary causes of the Spanish-American War and its repercussions

74. Dissertation topics on Indian history 

The Fight for Indian Independence From British Colonialism

75. Mahatma Gandhi’s style of leadership

76. India’s political strife in the 18th century

77. First World War effects in India under British administration

78. The cause and development of the 1857 Indian Uprising

79. The position of women in Hinduism and Buddhism in India, 

80. A quick look at how the British East India Company affected British colonialism

81. A synopsis of the civilizations of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro

82. Problems with India’s 1947 split

Dissertation Topics in History Ideas for a Dissertation on African History 

83. A comparison of Mesopotamian and African ancient societies

84. The political climate in Africa from 1985 to 1989

85. Nelson Mandela’s “freedom in Africa” leadership ethos

86. The Kongo people of West Africa and the religion of the dead

87. A succinct examination of South West Africa’s Colonial War

88. The contradiction of colonialism, slavery, and Christianity in Africa 

89. The African communities in America

90. The influence of slavery and slave trade on the African commerce sector

91. The Influence of William Shakespeare on modern theatre

92. Ballet’s historical analysis

93 Visual arts dissertation themes. The analogy between classicism and middle age

94. The ambiguity of the Mona Lisa painting

95. Orientalism and Western Art

96. The background of cubism and a parallel to classical art

97. A discussion of the differences between postmodernism and contemporary art

98. Filippo Brunelleschi and religious architecture

99. The society and European artworks and sculpture

100. Robert Frank and Garry Winogrand’s photography styles and the American culture


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