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Have a Quick Look at the Case Study of McDonald’s

McDonald’s started its journey from Illinois in the USA. But now it has become the most important brand name in the international market too. This is the best place for fast-food lovers. As of now, there are more than thirty-one thousand McDonald’s shops all across the globe. The company first introduced the idea of quick service in the nutrition enterprise in the earlier days of 1955. Though the derivatives of McDonald’s are primarily Western, the company also operates in Asian provinces. The company launched its first Indian store in Mumbai in 1996. There are thousands of outlet franchises of the company in the rest of the world that work autonomously.

McDonald’s in India

McDonald’s conventionally employs regional backers or regional administrations all over the globe. This is the same case in India also. The company buys products from regional suppliers. The restaurants of McDonald’s are set up with the help of regional engineers, labor, and contractors, and if possible they use regional materials also. The company always employs regional people for every position with the restaurant and distributes a part of its profit to societies paying municipal taxes and reinvesting. 

Six years before introducing the first restaurant of McDonald’s in India, the company along with its global supplier backers strives jointly with regional Indian firms to make derivatives that fulfill the strict quality criteria of McDonald’s. Indian companies developed by enhancing their skill to beat the international market of today and they also transferred the state-of-the-art food processing technology for this. 

McDonald’s is popular because it pays a huge amount of concern to the regional culture. The company has created a menu, particularly for vegetarian people of India in combination with Indian flavors and culture. Keeping the emotions of the people of India in mind the company does not include any beef or pork item in their Indian menu. The company also restructured its menu to address the special needs of vegetarians in their menu. They use 100% vegetarian cheese and cold sauces in India. They prepare the vegetable products individually and they even use separate utensils and equipment to cook them. They only use vegetable oil for cooking food in India. They maintain the individuality of veg and non-veg food through the entire stages of processing, cooking, and serving. 

The company only provides the best quality products. The suppliers follow the rules of the government on food, health, and hygiene. The latest state-of-the-art cooking equipment is used to prepare every product of the company to make sure that it is of high quality and safe. Customers are the priority of McDonald’s. One of the best features of the company is that it offers fast friendly service which is unique from others. The restaurants of the command are properly cleaned. They have an outstanding atmosphere which is perfect for families. The price of the products is kept reasonable so that every Indian customer can buy them. The company does not compromise with the quality of their proxy ts for value. It has made an investment of about Rs 450 crore in India. 

The company has applied to the government to give it permission so that it may pay and remit the initial payment of franchise and royalty to McDonald’s Corporation. There are two bases of the permissions: the company would pay an initial franchise payment of $45,000 for every restaurant of Mcdonalds that is franchised or going to be franchised in the upcoming days in India. Another one is it would pay royalty according to 5% of the gross sales from the actions of the restaurant of India monthly to McDonald’s international. They are now serving nearly 5 million consumers every day and are now expecting to develop a ratio of 50% to 70% per annum. 

 Business Model

Franchise Model — 

The company owns merely 15% of TFS’s entire number of cafes. The franchisees operate the rest 85%. The company takes up a detailed structure of training, supervising its franchises to make sure that they are maintaining the grade, cleanliness, assistance, and significance proposals provided by the firm to its consumers. 

Product Consistency —

The company gained a consistent derivative taste and quality all over the world with the help of proper supplier network operation and allocation system.

 Act like a retailer and think like a brand — 

McDonald’s not only aims to deliver deals for the quick present but also makes its brand image long-lasting. 

Contests of the Indian Markets

Regiocentrism: Re-engineering the menu – 

The company prioritizes the taste of the consumers, value systems, dialect, lifestyle, and understanding. The company is popular all over the world for its hamburgers, beef and pork burgers. But due to religion, most Indians do not have beef or pork. So the company has given value to Indian sentiments and introduced lamb, chicken, and fish burgers on the Indian menu. 

The Veg. Consumer —

There are a lot of people in India who only eat veg foods. To fulfill the requirements of those customers, the company has introduced a new queue of veg items like McVeggie burgers and Mc Aloo Tikki. 

 Product Positioning

“McDonald’s Mein hai kuch baat” represents the company as a platform where the entire family may delight in. When the company started its journey in India people thought that it would only prioritize the urban upper-class people. Now it has become one of the most reasonable places to consume without sacrificing the rate of food, assistance, and hygiene. The atmosphere of the outlets is outstanding and there is mild background music that grabs the attention of the customers. 

How Does McDonald’s Prioritize Customer Satisfaction?

McDonald’s does mass marketing. So, they have a huge amount of consumers. The company always does a basic investigation on its consumers with the help of the huge consumer profiles now available to comprehend the requirements and necessarily fulfill them. 

The primary goal of the marketing and advertising of the company is to make people aware of the brand, products, and services of McDonald’s. The company conducts surveys and questionnaires at outlets to know more details and inquiries from consumers. With the help of this data, they make a better brand by fulfilling the requirements of their consumers. 

The company knows that the way to become a successful company depends on consumer satisfaction. So, the company takes necessary action in that direction. 

They can adapt as per the moving requirements of consumers very soon. The company focuses on customer satisfaction from the initial age. 

The company was launched to provide Americans with a better and quicker burger-ordering experience in restaurants.

Before the entry of McDonald’s the customers have to wait for a long time to obtain their order of an ordinary quality burger from a restaurant. 

The consumers neither received quality burgers nor quality customer service from those restaurants. Having understood this issue, McDonald’s tried to solve it. 

They provided the customers with better quality burgers and served them in a cleaner atmosphere with a customer-friendly staff in a peaceful environment. 

Challenges Faced by McDonald’s

The most important challenge faced by McDonald’s was to bring their menu to India at the time of franchising. Most of the Indians were Lacto-vegetarian and consumed meat, they were required to get alternatives for beef and pork. Moreover, they had to change their menu for India because of religious reasons too. 

The company gave priority to the demand of its consumers and acknowledged the challenge. They replaced the burger with a potato base and named it the McAloo Tikki for Indian veg consumers.

Moreover, the Indian menu with options like chicken and fish was prepared for Indian non-veg consumers. 

Not only that but also McDonald’s decided to isolate the veg and non-veg cooking procedures so that consumers get a full veg experience. 


We have seen that the priority of the company is the comfort and demands of the consumers. This enables them to remain loyal to their consumers enabling a large number of households to feel satisfied with the company at the restaurants. 

The company has taken itself to the top of the fast food industry with the help of various marketing communication techniques. Marketing policies not only help them to grow its revenue but also help the company to spread awareness to a huge number of people. If you require any kind of help related to your case study you may contact My Assignment Writing Help


  1. How does McDonald’s satisfy their consumers?

The company has organized a lot of successful marketing and advertising campaigns to ensure that all its consumers are aware of their offers, promotions, and good work. They have used TV, display, print, radio, and online platforms for advertising. 

  1. What are the 3 causes of McDonald’s prosperity?

McDonald’s has become so successful now because of its franchising model, consistency, and innovation. They were able to enjoy rapid development with the help of their franchising model.

  1. What challenges has McDonald’s encountered?

McDonald’s has become very successful today. But it has faced a lot of challenges during its entire journey. It faced challenges like a beef ban, lack of poor infrastructure and storage, veg population, political problems. But now it has won the heart of all Indians. 

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