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  • June 19th, 2024

Have a Look at the Brookfield Asset Management Case Study

Brookfield is one of the leading multinational alternative asset managers that has nearly $725 million of assets under administration across infrastructure, real estate, credit, renewable power, and personal equity. 

The company was set up by William Mackenzie and Frederick Stark Pearson in 1899 as the Sao Paulo Tramway, Light, and power company. The company has worked in the building and surveillance of electricity and vehicle infrastructure in Brazil. 

After that, it was separated into real estate acquisitions and financial services to be more than a cyclical lodging building company. The corporation became a full-service real estate corporation by 1990 that is associated with designing, constructing, and selling any kind of residential homes but the primary priority of the company was on the market for first-time residence purchasers. The company was available in Texas And Arizona. The economic industry and acquisition industry were available globally and they were the main sources of income for Brookfield. The company always tried to become better and give them the best value at reasonable prices. 

The company has made everything simple for its consumers except home construction. Currently, Brookfield is supposed to be the largest real estate corporation that is operating all over the world. 

The company aims to develop attractive long-term risk-adjusted retrievals for the advantage of the consumers and stakeholders. The company manages a wide number of public and personal acquisition derivatives and assistance for retail and institutional consumers. The company earns acquisition surveillance revenue for accomplishing this.

Here is a case study of Brookfield in detail. 

What is the Marketing Policy of Brookfield?

The company is in the insurance industry and it must have a clarified system for its potential audience. The marketing strategy of the company with STP analysis is as follows: 

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

The main series are included in Brookfield Properties: 

  1. Project Management Consultancy (PMC), which contains redevelopment schemes for the administration. 
  2. Engineering Procurement And Construction (EPC), which primarily focuses on functioning in the niche market, building vents, and chilling buildings for the energy sector.
  3. Real Estate development, as the title indicates, this part functions in the construction of Residential and saleable sectors on an enormous scale.

Real estate years for various procedures. That is why Brookfield creates asset surveillance strategies to meet different lifestyles. Some of the examples are single-family real estate which is especially for engaged households. Townhomes and condominium layouts for low-maintenance households. They created functional grown-up layouts for acquisition consumers who are 55 years old. Finally, NextGen investments are designed by the company keeping in mind multigenerational living. The company has included everything in its marketing strategy to gain potential consumers. The company has included various characteristics like intelligent acquisition technology, modern investors, energy-conscious characteristics, and real estate. The company assures to provide the customers with a better investment experience. The company helps tfs consider staying away from any problems and assists them to do the whole process through closing. The company is supposed to be the largest investment asset management company all over the world. 

Marketing Campaign


The company does different drives for the public under the administration systems. In this way, the company engages the customers and gives certificates. It has disclosed different press discharges where the corporation takes part and arranged various drives. The various campaigns arranged by the company are as follows: 

  • ET NOW

The company is popular for designing and executing outstanding interactive drives to grab the attention of the company, promote new store inaugurations, advertise events, and drive traffic. With this campaign, it was possible to make a brand impression on the consumers giving scopes for instant feedback and long-term company-to-buyer connections. 


The properties of the company are a genuine fit for institutes that are looking to advertise academic schedules. The company asks learners to understand how to confront forthcoming learners with customized shows, exceptional branding wraps, and so on. 


Various industry leaders like Facebook and Samsung have displayed their latest technologies at Brookfield Properties-hosted derivative rallies and pop-up adventures. The brand ambassadors of Facebook took off onsite at three Brookfoekd assets centers to consort with the buyers about various kinds of virtual truth capacities that might be used through Facebook. Samsung virtual reality goggles were also ready for live meetups with buyers. Facebook managed to drive traffic to the drive by promoting collateral through the asset. 

Social Media Marketing

The company has more than 4K followers on Instagram, 14k followers on Facebook, and 206K followers on Linkedin. The company generally posts advertising content and drives on these social media outlets. 

SEO Strategies

We know that according to SEO ranking the number of keywords below 500 is poor and 1000 above is decent. If there are more than 10000 keywords that means it is outstanding. We have found that the company has 19,617 organic keywords. There is about 933K traffic every month. Hence this is amazing. 

Influencer Marketing

The management of the company is spread all over the globe. No particular person represents Brookfield management as a total company. 

The Brookfield management of India has employed National award-winning actress Vidya Balan as the Brand Ambassador. Being the Brand Ambassador she will assist the company in advertising the #DoTheSmartThing champion project. If you search on Youtube you will be able to see that the CEO is speaking about Brookfield as an international commodity.

E-commerce Strategies

In 2015 Brookfield Management Insurer penetrated the market of e-commerce by selling insurance schemes online on its website. They unite with various e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart to offer insurance with other derivatives like electronic goods. The primary concept of coming to the e-commerce outlet was to enhance their knowledge of consumers, systematize consumer data, and handle it through CRM which will further boost their sales and consumer services. 

Content Marketing Strategies

The company has highly aggressive management for publishing informative blogs connected to economic literacy, biological and cognitive fitness understanding, and many more. The only shortcoming is that the company has poor SEO for listing their blogs on search engines. Other insurance corporations like policy bazaars are playing a significant role here. 

Mobile App

Due to the advancement of technology and pressures of opponents, the company has introduced various apps related to the arena of finance, Health, and Fitness specifically to precise areas like the Gulf, Egypt, Singapore, and many more.

The only shortcoming is that the company had not launched any all for multinational entry. Their opponent Berkshire Hathaway has an international application. The company must work on it. 

Final opinion 

After assessing the marketing policies taken by the company we have understood that they have created it not only for gaining profit. The primary goal of the corporation is to have respect for the populace and bother about their welfare which we have found in their trademark drives. It is also very relevant to learn that the company has a good portion of aids and for encountering competition it purchases competition just like how Google is trying to build trust. The company had not entered the market of India alone. It has taken assistance from Bharti just like how Suzuki takes help from Maruti or Starbucks rakes help from Tata. The management companies generally relied on banks, agents, and other NBFCs for sales but with the beginning of digitization, customers are coming to be clever enough to comprehend and analyze insurance plans and the destiny of insurance prevails online on the internet. We hope that you have learned everything about Brookfield through this case study. If you are finding it difficult for you to write a case study on this topic you may take help from My Assignment Writing Help without any hesitation. 


  • What is the Vision of Brookfield? 

The company concentrated on acquiring the best quality industries with lofty impediments to entrance and insufficient manufacturing expenses, creating importance through functional modifications. The company owns and operates an irreplaceable illustration of outstanding assets in the most dynamic markets of the universe. 

  • What Happened with Brookfield Asset Management?

The name of the company was changed from Brookfield Asset Management Inc. to Brookfield Corporation on 9th December 2022. 

  • What Type of Corporation is Brookfield?

Brookfield is a choice acquisition director that possesses, utilizes, and invests in assets all over real estate, infrastructure, renewable energy and power, and private equity. 

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