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Everything You Should Know About Metaphors 

“You should not make plans with Smita. She is a couch potato.”

We all have heard of the phrase “couch potato” which is utilized to imply an individual who is lethargic, idle, and passes most of his or her time watching T.V. It is true that the thing which has been expressed through the term is completely distinct from the real connotation of the phrase. It is called a metaphor.

A metaphor is a type of figure of speech that conveys that a thing is other thing. It usually tries to correlate two things for comparison or symbolism. But that does not mean that the two things are the same. If you think of the metaphor you have to think of a potato named Sam on a couch and this is completely weird to hear. 

We usually make use of metaphors in writings and poems, and at times when anyone desires to depict abstract ideas with the help of colourful language. 

What Do You Mean By A Metaphor: Definition, Objectives, And Instances

The students who are willing to know the dictionary definition of metaphor may check below:

Metaphors are nothing but figures of speech that are not valid literally. But that does not mean that they are lies or mistakes as they are used consciously for interpreting in the literal sense. 

We often use metaphors in communication to assist students to clarify or demonstrate a thing by making a comparison of it with some other thing. Generally, metaphors have the following roles: 

  • It enables the racers to visualize the concepts clearly that are unknown. 
  • It explains unknown situations in detail. 
  • It fetches some variety and attention in conversations or writings. 
  • It develops powerful portraits and leaves long-lasting impressions.
  • It incorporates the metaphysical with the literal. 
  • It has an effect on the readers as well as the audience members. 

So, we hope that you have now understood that metaphors are examples that create a substantial fact by comparing two things that you would not usually incorporate together. We have given a few instances of metaphors along with their significance: 

  • She Is The Black Sheep Of Our Household.

Here someone is implied as a black sheep which signifies that the individual is considered a shame to the household.

  • Sam Is The Apple Of My Eye.

There is not any apple in the eye of the speaker. It signifies that Sam is very close to the narrator. 

  • I’m Getting Cold Feet Thinking About The Examination.

In this sentence, the speaker does not have icy cold feet in reality. It conveys that the narrator is undergoing a scarcity of faith or is very afraid of the examination. 

Metaphors help the subject of a paper or lecture to be more relatable to the readers as well as audiences. They will also assist you greatly while you will try to improve your writing with the help of imagery. 

What Are The Different Kinds Of Metaphors? 

There are various kinds of metaphors that we often find at the time of trading a piece of literature, talking to someone, or listening to music. We have mentioned the popular forms of metaphors in the following: 

Dead Metaphors:

These kinds of metaphors are those that have relinquished their importance through use again and again over an ample time. These metaphors are also called frozen metaphors as well as historical metaphors. For example, It was a groundbreaking discovery.

Absolute Metaphors:

This kind of metaphor makes a comparison between two things that do not have any specific relation to making a vital point. For example, He is stepping on a tightrope with his concert during this assessment time.

Extended Metaphors:

These types of metaphors are very lengthy and they aim to compare deeply. These metaphors are referred to once in the body of a text and then referred to a few points later in the paper. Emily Dickinson’s “Hope is a thing with feathers” utilized this kind of metaphor a few times.

Mixed Metaphors:

These metaphors jumble the comparisons jointly often with no logic. For example: 

He turned to ice and danced to his melody in the heat of the moment. 

Implied Metaphors:

These kinds of metaphors make comparisons between two dissimilar items without mentioning any one of them. This is completely distinct from ordinary metaphors as this metaphor does not particularly disclose what it is corresponding to. For example, Rama was able to attract Shyam to her web. (Rama corresponds to a spider, but this is not expressly articulated).

Root Metaphors:

This kind of metaphor is deeply ingrained in recent language and hypotheses. So, most of us fail to specify them as a metaphor. For example, Time is money.

We have mentioned only six types of metaphors here. But there are many more. But in case you are willing to learn things in further detail you may talk to your English lecturer and ask his or her suggestion. 

What Is The Discrepancy Between Metaphor And Simile? 

People often get bewildered after finding a metaphor and a simile because they two make comparisons. But you may easily make differences between metaphors and simple if you check the statement thoroughly. You will find that in similes usually the words like or as are used at the time of making comparisons but in metaphors the comparisons are stated directly. 

We are giving you an instance. You should have listened to the famous song “Dynamite” by the K-pop boy band called BTS. The line “Life is sweet as honey” is a simile, but the line “I’m diamond, you know I glow up” is a metaphor.

How Will You Utilize Good Metaphors? 

If you are making an effort to add metaphors in your paper for making it more intriguing you have to comprehend that metaphors usually depict something that does not make any literal meaning. You may just look at the metaphor “born with a silver spoon.” The metaphor makes connotation in the right context but no baby is born with a silver spoon in his or her mouth in reality. You have to understand the reality that the baby has come from a rich household. 

While you will come up with your metaphor you have to keep in mind that you need to cling to concepts that are known to the readers but you should not always relate to a person. So, you may try to add metaphors in your text but you will feel that your writing requires some growth. But you have to be very careful while you use them. 

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