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Controversial Topics for Teenagers

The internet has evolved into a battleground of divergent viewpoints on a wide range of subjects, especially at this time, when many people are confined to their homes because of the Covid-19 epidemic. At the same time, it has evolved into a playground for a wide variety of spammers and trolls, compromising any form of productive dialogue. As a result, kids have made the choice to create so-called flop profiles on social media platforms like Instagram in order to enjoy a private online zone away from trolls and grownups. Teenagers take advantage of these flop accounts to voice their opinions on topics of contention including racism, eating problems, the adolescent suicide rate, gun control, and many other themes.

Sadly, however, are a number of flop accounts that are unable to avoid the typical trap of online conversation, such as the polarized climate that is rife with drama and false information. Because of this, the focus of the present discussion is to provide audience members with an overview of hot-button issues affecting teenagers that may be utilized in debate sessions run by instructors to foster a respectful atmosphere for the exchange of divergent viewpoints. The lists totally emphasize the teen demographic, their primary interests, and worries while ranging from broad subjects for discussion to controversial issues. Younger generations like having meaningful debates about controversial issues in the present day in order to be heard and treated seriously. So that they may complete the comprehensive list of broadly applicable argument themes for both middle school and high school students, the readers will find here a broad variety of totally different hot-button subjects who were that are utilized in debate classes.

Guidelines for Conduct When Debating Challenging Issues 

Teenagers are typically seen as an opinionated group since they vehemently support their position. Fiery debates occasionally have a tendency to spiral out of control, in order. This is the fundamental justification for why professors should act as debate moderators and provide some sort of ground rules, making it clear that violent behavior won’t be accepted during heated discussions of controversial issues. There are a few standard “dos” when negotiating.

  • Respecting the opinions of the other debaters while listening
  • Actively listening and clearly comprehending
  • Critiquing the concepts
  • Commenting to spread the word
  • Giving everyone an equal chance to speak.
  • Be receptive to the viewpoint of the other participant
  • In addition, there are several things to avoid doing when debating.
  • Others cannot be interrupted during the argument.
  • The debaters must refrain from considering their response while another person is speaking.
  • There must be no personal criticism from the debaters.
  • They shouldn’t make remarks to influence others.
  • The debaters must refrain from using any type of accusation, blame, or insult.
  • They shouldn’t assume anything about others or generalize about them.

Commonly Debated Issues Among Teens:

 As was already noted, teens are interested in talking about current events, which shows their maturity. They have grown sufficiently grown up to comprehend that their particular opinions matter. Furthermore, because there is a wealth of pertinent information on these hot-button issues, controversial topics are more interesting, thrilling, and simple to investigate. On the other hand, controversial issues may be accompanied by strong feelings and ideas, which might make people uncomfortable or ashamed to participate in a discussion about them. Additionally, there are some subjects that can be forbidden for specific social groups, which would make them difficult to discuss. Because of this, educators need to carefully manage controversial discussions and should constantly remind students of the ground rules.

A few of the frequent hot-button issues that teenagers could find fascinating to debate are mentioned below:

  • Should the number of voters be lowered to sixteen?
  • Is it appropriate to make the legal drinking age sixteen?
  • What teen dating age do you think is appropriate?
  • Is it possible that online bullying is more harmful than bullying that occurs in person?
  • Should we view peer pressure as positive or negative? 
  • Whether or not social media actively contributes to the rise in teen suicide.
  • Teenagers need to be exempt from energy drinks.
  • The use of mobile devices in classrooms must be prohibited.
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Political and Constitutional Problems That Are Controversial: 

The majority of the time, scandals give rise to politics. On any given current political subject, a wide range of opposing viewpoints may be easily found. This is the fundamental reason why teenagers could find it challenging to engage in genuine politics and legislative problems, which are intriguing and well worth discussing. This happens to be especially important right now when governments throughout the globe are scrambling to find a strategy that would effectively combat the worldwide epidemic while also saving lives and economies. Aside from the present economic downturn, there are also persistently divisive political issues pertaining to racism and free speech that continue to capture the interest of young people ever since they began directly affecting their everyday lives.

  • Some of the intriguing, controversial political issues for teenagers are covered below;
  • Instead of a monarchy, could democracy be viewed as the ideal system of government?
  • Is there a need for the Electoral College anymore?
  • Do minimum wages need to be guaranteed?
  • Does it make sense to make a speech-free zone an exception?
  • Should privacy be guaranteed by the government?
  • What tactics may be used to address gender-related problems?
  • Do drugs in general need to be legalized?
  • We need stricter gun control laws.
  • It must be unconstitutional to own or use any automatic firearm.
  • As a human right, not a consumer good, water must be taken into consideration.

 Conflicting Religious Issues:

  • The topic of religion is very fascinating and usually causes people to feel strongly. There are some divisive religious issues, such as;
  • Is it really acceptable to regard atheism as a religion?
  • Today, religion is seen as an outdated concept. Would you agree or disagree?
  • Religious symbols must be forbidden in classrooms.
  • Is it necessary to marry someone who adheres to your religious principles? Would you agree or disagree?

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