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All You Need To Know About An APA Abstract

The American Psychological Association established the APA style which is now used in various fields of psychology and areas of social sciences. It is completely different from other referencing styles because APA mandates an abstract that contains the summary of the primary details of an assignment paper. The guidelines of this referencing style mention various aspects of the presentation and layout of a document.

Let’s discuss the purpose of drafting an APA abstract and how it improves the quality of an assignment paper. 

What Do You Mean By An Abstract In APA Style? What Is The Definition And Objective Of It? 

Often ignored, the APA abstract is a very important part of an assignment paper. The primary goal of an APA abstract is to provide a succinct overview of an assignment paper so that a person can understand what to expect. We all know that the abstract is the initial written page that is encountered by the reader. That is why the fate of your paper depends on it. By reading the abstract the reader decides whether he will read the rest of your paper or not. 

Now, APA is a very confusing referencing style and it has different formatting rules for the abstract. Most of the students think that writing it is nothing but an extra burden because they do not know the process of writing an APA abstract. That is why we have given a step-by-step guide on how to write an abstract in APA style.

What Are The Rules For Writing An Abstract In APA Format?

An APA abstract has to be written just like an overview that will describe the research issues, procedures, outcomes, and verdicts of your assignment paper or report. You have to keep the following things in your mind if you do not have any idea about the process of drafting an abstract in APA format: 

  • You have to write the abstract within 150-250 words. 
  • After the title page of your academic paper, you have to keep the abstract page of your assignment paper. 
  • An abstract must be short and full of important details for creating the utmost effect on the mind of the reader.
  • An abstract must be real and accurate. It should be a report, not a story. 
  • You have to write an abstract in a single paragraph. There should not be any breaks or cuts in the paragraph. 
  • You have to use double spaces and keep a one-inch margin on the page. 
  • You have to use Times New Roman don’t in 12 pt. size when you will write the abstract in APA style. 
  • For the published papers an APA abstract should contain multiple keywords. 

The abstract will help your reader to understand if your paper is worthy of reading or not. That is why you have to check that every sentence amplifies the best effect. You have to concentrate on four or five important points that are in the body of your assignment to match the required literature within 250 words. 

How Will You Draft An APA Abstract?

We know that the abstract is the second page of an assignment paper. But you should not write it at the beginning. Rather, you should first write the whole paper and after this, you should write an abstract. After drafting your assignment paper completely you have to follow the below-mentioned steps for drafting the abstract in APA format: 

Begin On A Fresh Page 

You have to write page number 2 at the top right corner of the page where you are going to write the abstract. You have to write the word Abstract at the top of the sheet and make it middle-aligned. 

Learn The Word Limit 

We have mentioned above that you need to write an abstract within 250 words. But the word count depends on the subject, and the kind of assignment paper such as you will require fewer words for a lab report and more for writing a research paper. That is why you should ask your educator about the required words particularly. 

The Format In The Order Of Your Paper 

You have to follow the same structure just as you have written the paper. For a lengthy research paper, you need to make a summary of the introduction and after that, you need to move to the procedures, outcomes, and discussion of your research paper. 

Make A Rough Draft 

Before writing the abstract you should visit the official website APA and go through the guidelines about the format of an APA abstract according to the type of your academic paper. Make it concise and add one or two sentences for every part of your paper. As soon as you make the rough draft you should edit it to make sure that it is in proper length. 

Go Through The Abstract 

The abstract is written at the end of an academic paper. But you have to keep in mind that the reader will read the abstract first. So, you should make sure that the abstract is written without any mistakes. You should check the abstract to see if you can add anything to improve the quality of it. There should not be any grammatical errors in the abstract.

If you are still unable to understand the process of writing an abstract in APA format you may check the following samples to have a clear idea about it. We have mentioned what you should include in an APA abstract separately because every type has separate rules. 

Experimental Report APA Abstract 

We all know that the format of an APA abstract varies as per type of the paper. You have to include the following things in an experimental report: 

  • You need to begin by specifying and telling the issue you are going to investigate with a relevant idea. 
  • You have to clarify the number of participants who have participated in the experiment and they have been chosen for which purpose. 
  • You need to illustrate the techniques and procedures that you have utilized. 
  • You need to add a short preview of the main discoveries and outcomes of your paper. 
  • You have to give the significance of the study along with the future outcomes. 

Literature Review APA Abstract 

You have to follow the below-mentioned things for a meta-analysis-based paper or a literature review: 

  • You have to clarify the reason for which you have started to investigate the issue in your review or analysis. 
  • You have to explain the factors that you have utilized to choose the studies for your paper. 
  • You need to make the students learn about the participants by specifying them. 
  • Prove a quick glimpse of the outcomes section for the readers. Keep it a mystery and provide only a brief of your important discoveries. 
  • Illustrate the significance and what is the meaning of them. Provide a short overview of what they tell about the prevailing research body on the topic. 

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