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A Guide On The Difference Between Endnotes And Footnotes?

When did you come to know that turtles and tortoises are two distinct creatures? Though they possess some similar features for which people get confused, there are a lot of differences that categorize them into distinct branches of the animal kingdom. There is another pair that generally looks identical but they are not. They are endnotes and footnotes. In this article, we will give you a detailed overview of the differences between endnotes and footnotes. 

What Are The Basic Differences Between Endnotes And Footnotes?

Both endnotes and footnotes are important when you will draft an academic paper. While you will get some additional information that seems lengthy for the parentheses, you have put it either in an endnote or in a footnote. Nonetheless, the fundamental difference between the two is that the footnotes are found at the bottom of every page but the end notes are found at the very end of the text (generally at the end of the paper). 

You may have already found that there are small numbers printed above some particular words in an academic paper or textbook. These numbers fit with the numbers given at the bottom of that very page, generally at the footnotes or the end of the book or a person termed as the endnotes. 

Endnotes as well as footnotes clarify or emphasize the thing in the text. Nonetheless, they may also include some bibliographic details, extra background material, or citations. 

What Is The Objective Of A Footnote Or An Endnote?

We have mentioned that the primary aim of a footnote or an endnote is to give the readers more details in the paper. As it is not possible to provide all the important data in the primary part of the paper you have to add clarifying data about a particular word or details with the help of these notes. Such notes save the readers from facing any kind of trouble as the readers do not need to search anywhere to know further details. 

We can use footnotes and endnotes to refer to the source of certain details. Moreover, in case you find any unfamiliar terms or an individual you will get further details about those things in such notes. Endnotes as well as footnotes are utilized in academic writing, particularly in research papers and essays. But it can be used in narrative writing like poems and stories too. 

Footnotes Vs Endnotes– What Are The Differences?

There are a lot of things that are common in endnotes and footnotes. But there are a lot of noticeable differences that distinguish them from each other. Some important differences between the two are as follows: 

The Position 

You will be able to find footnotes at the bottom of each page of the paper. But endnotes are seen only at the end of a lesson or the end of an entire article. 


As footnotes are put in each page they can hamper the reading flow. But as endnotes are put at the end of a text it will not create any kind of problem for the reader. 


The general objective of footnotes and endnotes is to provide more details. But footnotes provide non-essential information to the readers and refer to a particular part of a text. But endnotes provide citations or acknowledgment of the text. 


Footnotes are used for detailed comments whereas endnotes are utilized for reference of sources. 


Footnotes generally show the abbreviated addition of an in-text passage whereas endnotes usually show the details of the quoted reference. 

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Endnotes And Footnotes? 

There are certain benefits and drawbacks of both endnotes and footnotes. They are as follows: 



  • They are easily findable. 
  • They offer the required details instantly. 
  • Footnotes are added automatically at the time of printing particular pages. 


  • The use of a lot of footnotes may hamper the page and affect its readability of it. 
  • The readers may get distracted by excessive information in the footnote. 
  • In case there are many columns, charts, or gables on a page, the short footnotes might be lost or shifted to another place. 



  • Endo notes never distract the readers because they are placed in a different part of the paper. 
  • Readers may get access to all the notes at once. 
  • As they are placed in a different part of the document it does not create any problem in the main body. 


  • Readers have to go to the end of the document to see them. 
  • Sometimes endnotes create confusion because they contain the details of various chapters. 
  • Endnotes may contain negative meanings or any hidden disclaimers in advertising. 

The utilization of endnote and footnote generally rely on the given formatting style. Therefore you must read the formatting needs before starting to work on the document. You may discuss this with your professor in case you have any questions related to endnotes and footnotes. 

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