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  • June 20th, 2024

A Detailed Guide On Colloquialism

There are a lot of examples of colloquialisms around us like MY bad, the abbreviation IKR and so on. These are very interesting to point out. But students often get confused when they are asked to prepare an assignment on colloquialisms. If you are struggling with such an assignment you do not need to bother any more. You may read this blog very well to solve your problem easily. 

What Do You Mean By Colloquialism? 

Colloquialism is nothing but a way of using everyday words or informal words or phrases that are used for conversation and writing. This thirteen-letter word colloquialism has come from the Latin word colloquium which denotes conversation or speaking together. You may find colloquialisms used in regular conversations and most frequently the authors use these words in their poems or dramas. A colloquialism is an outstanding way of making lifelike images and making them more engaging to the readers. 

What Are The Key Differences Between Colloquial Words, Slang, And Jargon? 

Colloquialism, slang, and jargon are interpreted by each other closely. But every slang or jargon does not mean colloquialism. But you can use slang and jargon as colloquial words. 


A slang is a group of informal phrases or words that are used by a particular group of people among themselves for expressing different kinds of emotions they strongly feel. There is some particular slang used by some specific subcultures. 


Scholars, professionals, and people of a particular field use jargon that is a technical term. The people who have a little bit of knowledge about the company can comprehend the particular words only. The linguists separate jargon and slang differently from colloquialism. 

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