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A Detailed Guide About Quadrilaterals Along With Their Types And Instances

Quadrilaterals are an important portion of the arithmetic syllabus of students who are studying in schools, colleges, and universities. But a large number of students do not know what quadrilaterals are. So, when they try to solve problems related to it they get confused. As a result, they often submit inaccurate arithmetic answers and for this, they can’t get their desired grades. 

That is why, it is very important to understand arithmetic concepts in detail if you are a maths student and going to solve geometrical problems without any hassle. 

In this article, we are going to provide you with a detailed guide on quadrilaterals so that you may understand them properly. 

What Do You Mean By Quadrilaterals?

A quadrilateral is a very essential geometrical concept that students must learn while they are going to understand geometry. This closed shape is created when any four points are met. Nonetheless, you have to keep in mind that the three points are only noncollinear.

The term quadrilateral in Latin implies a shape that contains four sides. That is why, Quadra signifies four, and the meaning of lateral is to possess sides. 

That is why a quadrilateral is a kind of polygon containing four sides. It is utilized in planar geometry when counting the sides and angles of polygons or surfaces. There are various kinds of quadrilaterals available. We have discussed them below. 

What Are The Properties Of Quadrilaterals?

We all know that every geometrical shape has a shape. Similarly, quadrilaterals also have properties such as: 

  • It has four sides or edges. 
  • It has four corners or vertices. 
  • It has interior angles all of which add up to 360 degrees. 

But you have to keep in mind that although these are the common properties of quadrilaterals, some of them have some extra properties. 

What Are The Different Types Of Quadrilaterals?

Some popular kinds of quadrilaterals are as follows: 


There are four equal sides in a square and every side of a square has 90 degrees angles. Even the opposite sides of a square are similar to each other. There are two diagonals in a square that are proportioned to each other and also divide at right angles. 


This is a kind of quadrilateral that contains two sets of proportional sides which are also parallel. Every angle of a rectangle measures 90 degrees. There are two equal diagonals in a rectangle that divide one another at right angles. 


There are a pair of opposites in a trapezium and they are parallel to each other. Moreover, they may possess various angles and all of them add up to 360 degrees. 


There are four sides in a rhombus. All the sides of a rhombus have proportional lengths. But the opposite sides are similar and opposite curves are proportional to one another. The angles of a rhombus join 90 degrees or at right angles. 


There are two pairs of each side in a kite and they have two sides of the same length. The angle where the line drafted by the two pairs join is always the right angle. A diagonal of a kite slices the other one in half. 


In this type of quadrilateral, both pairs of opposite sides are similar to one another. They possess opposite sides of the same length and the opposite angles are also proportional to one another. 

Besides the above-mentioned kinds of quadrilaterals, there is another kind of quadrilateral called complex quadrilateral which has two sides that cross or divide each other. But they have four sides with two lines dividing one another. 

What Are The General Problems Regarding Quadrilaterals?

While you are going to work with quadrilaterals for geometry you have to know about the area as well as the perimeter of different shapes. You will face various issues where you have to compute the angles of quadrilaterals. That is why, you have to go through and comprehend the various formulas that operate the function of quadrilaterals. 

While you will pursue your higher studies you have to solve difficult problems regarding quadrilaterals. And for this, you have to learn about the length of sides and areas of figures properly. 

Some Instances Of Quadrilateral Questions 

  • The values of various given angles excluding one. You have to calculate the value of the final angle. 
  • Another instance of a quadrilateral issue is where the lengths of the sides of the figure are provided. You just have to calculate the area and perimeter with it. 
  • The values of the diagonals’ lengths are provided. You have to calculate the total area. 


Quadrilaterals are indeed a very important portion of the geometry syllabus in universities or colleges. That is why you have to keep the various formulas in your memory so that you may solve any kind of quadrilateral problem within a snap. This article will help you to get solutions for your quadrilateral problems. If you still face difficulties to solve quadrilateral problems you may get in touch with My Assignment Writing Help without any hesitation. We will provide you with the best academic assignment help. 

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