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A comprehensive list of research topics on environmental science

We have got everything from the environment from the time we are born. The environment provides us with important resources as well as the way to a better lifestyle. But the lust and demolition of human beings have brought great danger to the environment. 

There are a lot of environmental science research topics that students concentrate on for focusing better on the environment and protecting our home. Now, in case you are searching for an environmental subject that requires detailed discussion you may get in touch with My Assignment Writing Help. We are going to give you a comprehensive list of environmental science us jects in this article. We have also classified the subjects into various types so that you may pick the best one for you. But first of all, you have to learn the way of choosing a good topic. 

How will you select a pertinent environmental science research subject?

It is very important to select a pertinent environmental science research subject or an older one to make it attractive to the readers. Readers do not pay attention to the excessive use of angles and boring subjects as they do not find them interesting. That is why you may follow the steps given below to choose a decent environmental science research subject for yourself: 

Popular topic – 

It is very important to choose a popular topic to grow the interest and curiosity of the readers. 

Free writing – 

If you are not capable enough for brainstorming you may begin free writing. This will enable you to gather all the ideas you have in your head and later you may sort them out. 

Do a preliminary research 

Despite knowing a topic to be good, you have to conduct initial research for determining how perfectly yi may civet and investigate the subject. 

Ask others – 

It is always a wise decision to get assistance from others. You may ask for environmental science research paper help to avail unique suggestions which may enlighten your mind to do outstanding work. 

Go online – 

If you are puzzled to get a perfect research topic for you you may go online to get a plethora of news. You may use them as attractive subjects for your subsequent assignment. 

A unique list of environmental science research subject instances 

The students who are searching for decent environmental science research topics are requested to check the below-mentioned ideas: 

  • Is the climate becoming better or worse? What can you expect in the upcoming years?
  • Write a review on various laws to make use of wastewater from farming for better reasons.
  • Assess floods in China and strategies to be taken to keep them under control.
  • Assessment of UK environmental laws to keep the ratio of carbon emissions under control.
  • Uk environmental laws that are striving to manage illegal waste. 

Environmental Science Research Subject ideas 

  • What is the significance of endemic wildlife in the environment?
  • Why does acid rain occur and how can we prevent it?
  • What is the importance of national parks?
  • What are the impacts of mountain ecosystems on planets? 
  • Is society capable enough to get over the devastation created by floods and earthquakes?

Environmental Science Research subjects for projects 

  • What is the effect of air pollution and human lungs?
  • Is there any existence of an environment on other planets excluding the earth?
  • Is there any positive effect of using red lights on the environment?
  • Does the government play any role in protecting the environment?
  • Is it necessary to make environmental study compulsory in class?

Environmental Issues Research Subjects 

  • What steps are to be taken to protect the coral reef?
  • What are the myths about global warming?
  • What are the side effects of the melting permafrost on climate and human beings?
  • Discuss the ordinary environmental problems we all confront in our day-to-day life.
  • What is the present situation of the shortage of the ozone layer?

Trending Environmental Issues-Based Research Subjects 

  • What are the best ways of lessening the emissions of carbon by altering regular habits?
  • What is the effect of air pollution on Asthma?
  • Are there any chances of melting all the ice glaciers? If you think so, what will occur then?
  • Can you save a dying planet with afforestation?
  • Write about the environmental issues in Antarctica. 

Environmental Science Research Topics For Assignments 

  • Why do we call the earth a living organism?
  • Is photosynthesis different in various trees?
  • Investigate the various plants in your location and write about their significance.
  • Investigate the root diseases of trees– Do they have any impact on the environment?
  • What are the effects of hybrid plants on the environment?

Environmental Law Research Subjects For Essay 

  • Define environmental crime.
  • Discuss the environmental laws that ask to harness energy.
  • Assess the forest laws in the UK.
  • What are the effective data management strategies in the US?
  • What is the difference between the environmental law of the UK and the USA?

Environmental Law Research Subjects on Climate 

  • What are the different ways of reducing the black market of animal body parts?
  • Assess the crucial elements of international laws.
  • What are the bad impacts connected to animal poaching?
  • Write about the requirement for changes of rules in arising countries.
  • What steps are to be taken by law management officials to regulate illegal waste?

Environmental Law Research Subjects For Foods 

  • What is the function of saline water treatment plants in lessening the lack of drinking water?
  • What is the downside of the usage of chemicals in agriculture?
  • What are the effects of pollinated crops?
  • Write about the ecological part of contemporary agriculture.
  • Write about the environmental laws concerning the use and consumption of plastic bags.

Environmental Law Research Subjects For Population 

  • Make a comparison between human rights and animal rights.
  • Should the government prohibit animal export?
  • Should the government prohibit fur production?
  • Should the government prohibit the usage of plastic bags to lessen their usage?
  • What are the contemporary laws for environmental protection?

Environmental Law Research Subjects 

  • Make a comparison of the environmental laws of various countries and state the best among them. 
  • What are environmental techniques and what is the impact of them on politics?
  • Is it necessary to monitor illegal mining more strictly?
  • What is the function of the United Nations environment program or UNEP?
  • What is the role of politics in determining environmental laws?

The Best Research Subjects On Environmental Law 

  • Write about the laws that have been implicated by the disaster management act of 2005. 
  • Write about the connection between environmental crime and law.
  • What are the latest Indian laws which oppose environmental challenges?
  • What are the recent advancements incorporating technology for the betterment of environmental law? 
  • Write a case study on the Oleum gas leak case.

Environmental Economics Research Subjects 

  • Make a comparison and detailed analysis of the earthquakes over the years.
  • What issues are related to agricultural biotechnology?
  • Which chemicals are greatly damaging the environment?
  • What is the financial condition of a country after facing natural disasters?
  • What is the effect of war and terrorism on the environment?

Environmental Policy Research Subjects 

  • Is it too late to protect the environment? Make a list of the current catastrophes and their effects.
  • What strategies are to be taken to control environmental production and consumption?
  • What are the latest findings in finding the relationship between environment and heredity?
  • Investigate Hawaii and in what way tourism has impacted the environment.
  • What strategies are to be taken to control oil drilling and the improvement till now?

Environmental Health And Safety Research Subjects 

  • What is rapid population growth and the risk connected to it?
  • What steps are taken by the World Health Organization to lessen chemical pollution?
  • Make a list of the diseases and death ratios created by air pollution.
  • What are the common homely strategies to lessen health impacts for microbes? 
  • Write about the health protocol laws that are followed by fisheries. 

Environmental Engineering Research Subjects 

  • What are the positive aspects of utilizing ceramic plates in water treatment procedures for producing portable water? 
  • write about the advancement in ozone-based technologies.
  • Do the old air conditioners produce more harmful air?
  • Describe the use of the wet air oxidation procedure to work on wastewater. 
  • What steps are to be taken to control the production of wastewater? 

Environmental Science Topics For Education:

  • Discuss the process of removal of petroleum hydrocarbons from polluted soil.
  • What are the different ways of disposing of nuclear waste?
  • In what way can you convert CO2 into useful products?
  • What is the role of bioremediation in oil spills?
  • Make a list of the toxic elements which might be converted into biofertilizers.

We have given the best environmental science research topic ideas. But in case you do not have any idea about the way of composing an outstanding environmental research paper you may get assistance from the writers of My Assignment Writing Help. 


  1. Which is the best subject for investigation in environmental science?

The subjects that cover health, food, law, and marine life topics will be perfect for an environmental science investigation. If you require additional environmental science topic ideas you may pay a visit to our page. We can assure you that there you will get a plethora of suggestions. 

  1. What are the three main issues occurring in environmental science?

The three main issues occurring in environmental science are as follows: 

  • Overpopulation 
  • Pollution 
  • Climate change 

There are also a lot of issues like greenhouse emissions, impacts of global warming, water disposal, and so on.

  1. What are the 4 general environmental science research issues?

The four general environmental research issues are wildlife, overpopulation, global warming, and climate. Besides these, there are also a lot of other areas like loss in biodiversity, pollution, and many more.

  1. Why will you select an environmental research subject?

A decent research subject is required for standing out in the entire class. A lot of students concentrate on the writing portion but wise students know the difference of choosing a decent research topic. So, they pay attention to choosing decent topics for research. If you choose a decent environment research subject you will be able to grab the attention of more readers towards your page. 

  1. What is the perfect research subject for the environment?

The subjects that are connected to sustainable advancement, environmental laws, pollution control, and climate are considered to be the best research subject for the environment. But besides these subjects, the effect of food on the environment, environment-friendly processes, and manufacturing processes are also entertained. If you want to obtain additional ideas you may pay a visit to our page.

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