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A Case Study on the Leading Company Apple

Apple Inc. is a popular name in the technology industry. The company is famous for manufacturing unique electronics which is providing a lot of advantages to the customers as well as the suppliers. The company uses the most effective strategies to achieve the best results. The company has successfully built its target market by utilizing a marketing mix and providing value to the company of its consumers. In this way, it has become so successful in the industry. 

Apple has been retaining its standard over the years because it is capable enough to identify the requirement of robust techniques with the evolving technology and atmosphere. A company can innovate its products to retain its standards and meet the requirements of the customers. Apple is applying the same strategy to fulfill the demands of consumers. The company provides cutting-edge products which are considered to be the best in the industry and far better than the products of the opponents. Apple products are considered to be the best as the company is growing continuously and improving the lives of consumers by widening their derivatives. There is a local customer base Apple Inc. as the company fulfills the needs of the consumers properly with the help of different kinds of strategies. 

A Short Overview of Apple Company 

Steve Jobs founded Apple and combined the firm in 1977. The company was named Apple Computer before. But the company was renamed Apple Inc. in 2007. Apple is a unique computer with the best communication keys. Steve Jobs passed away in 2011. So, currently, the CEO of the firm is Tim Cook. The first Apple computer, Apple I was manufactured by Steve Jobs and Steven Wozniak. The company has very tactfully set its headquarters in California, Cupertino which is part of the infamous valley and popular for high technology-oriented firms. The company made a regional basis segment as soon as it understands that it may give value to consumers all over the globe. The company makes its products as per the demands of the consumers. There is a wide range of applications and products from Apple. The company fulfills the demands of the customers in various ways. The company researches the needs of the customers, then manufactures the products. That is why the customers have to be loyal to the brand and be confident. The company designs its products in such a way that they may fulfill every communication requirement. There are various products of Apple like operating systems, laptops, personal computers, on-the-go tablets, accessories, and online stores. 

 What Are the Reasons Behind the Success of Apple? 

A lot of investigations have been done to understand the unknown reasons behind the success of Apple. According to marketers, there are four pillars behind the success of Apple. They are as follows:

  1. The Positioning

The most important thing that makes Apple distinct from other opponents in the industry is the high price of products or instead, the positioning that the company has selected for itself and its offer. 

Most opponents try to provide the products at prices as low as possible to grab more consumers. On the other hand, Apple has broken this pattern of the technology industry. It has kept its price ranges above the average but what advantages the customers get and what standards they maintain the price range is quite justified for that. That implies that the people who are willing to stand out from the crowd choose this brand. Moreover, the company does not give any discounts even on Black Friday. 

The production cost of Apple products is low but the company sells them as luxury goods. That is why the company earns a lot of profit from every sale which it reinvests in other services. Some experts on the field said that Apple had lost the battle against Microsoft. Still, Apple is considered one of the most prosperous companies. 

  1. The Communication

The most significant component of the marketing strategy of Apple is its style with the help of which it represents and promotes its derivatives. The company never depicts the features of the products, they only utilize storytelling to depict how products can enable the audience to gain the level they desire for. 

Apple does not use particular technical language. Rather it uses a simple language that is easily understandable by anyone. If a customer buys a Macbook Pro, the reason behind his purchase is not that it is a simple laptop with bigger RAM or a better graphics card. It is the style that has grabbed his attention. 

This is why Apple has diversified its offer and moved from computers to mobile devices and smartwatches while maintaining the credibility of the company. 

Apple communicates simply. The distinctive feature of Apple products since its birth is its significant and simple design. The support accounts of the company are very active on social media and respond very quickly. But the official Facebook page of the company is used only for giving sponsored ads and updating profile and cover photos. Their Twitter account is blank. So, it is the style that is a major reason behind the success of Apple. 

  1.  The Customer Retention

Another factor behind the success of Apple is the respect and concentration the company gives to its consumers. A good instance of this is the physical outlet, the Apple Store. Every product inside the store is properly placed to express a sense of modernity and creativity. The shop is completely different from others because of the employees who are highly trained and caring. Not only that, but the clerks also utilize a soft tone to communicate with the customers. That is why the Apple Stores are supposed to be an instance that follows the sales in physical stores as well as assist the customers directly. 

The most important thing is that the company takes care of the consumers even after sales which is a very important factor that helps the company to stand out from the crowd. Moreover, the company resolves issues as early as possible. The company does not think twice to replace malfunctioning products completely so that customers do not get upset. The price range of Apple products is indeed relatively high but they ensure the trust of the consumers. In this way, the company has managed to develop a real community of fans who recognize the company and are completely reliable. 

  1.  The Apple Ecosystem

Before the inauguration of the Mac, tech-savvy people liked to purchase various computer parts and then assemble them independently. Apple has changed this tradition completely. It has brought a revolution in the industry. It launched a product that contains everything. 

The company then improved this feature. To make a real digital ecosystem the company has developed its offer for which customers get addicted to Apple. For example, if a buyer purchases an iPhone he will then like to buy the Airpods, an iPad, or an Apple Watch. The company has a wide range of products that are compatible with anything. In earlier days, the products of the Cupertino company were not compatible with external devices, which is why users were compelled to switch to Apple. Even now, Apple devices require particular chargers or earphones which the company sells through cross-selling. It is a method of advertisement at the time of purchase or after the purchase. 

Apple has seriously concentrated to make synchronization easy between all its products so that users can easily transfer all data and content automatically and instantly. That is why people are trying to switch to a new and updated device. This is what happened with iPhones. Users may become uncertain and frightened due to change. That is why the company has always used the simplicity that has always made the villainy distinct from others for reassuring the users at the time of shifting to a new model. 

People may say that Apple generally sells only one kind of product: its ecosystem. This enables the decision-making procedure of the customers easy. Moreover, it makes the work of the employees in the Apple Store simple: they do not need to learn unlimited models of smartphones and tablets. So, in case there is an issue, they can instantly handle it. 

With the help of all these marketing communication techniques, Apple has become a company that is an instance of innovation, minimalism, and reliability. 

What Are the Income Sources of Apple? 

There are two income sources for Apple. They are as follows: 

a. Apple Products Sales:

Apple earns money with the help of its outstanding smartphones which come up with unique features in each model. The products of the company are: 

  • iPod
  • Smartwatch
  • iPhone
  • Mac
  • AirPods

b. Subscription for Apple Services: 

Apple also arms money through the subscription bought by the users. These subscriptions move around the payment at the time of buying music from iTunes or Apple TV. If anyone wants to view digital content on an iPhone he has to make payment to get access to Apple Tv. Though people have to spend a lot of money to use an iPhone, still they do not change the company if not necessary. The company has created a strong impression of brand loyalty in the minds of the customers. 

What techniques for the future?

We have found that Apple has beaten everyone due to the functionality and aesthetics of its products and the style with which it articulates and contacts its target audience. It has become one of the most thriving firms because of the attention it pays to its consumers, the meal it delivers, and its positioning. As evidence of this, there is unlimited anticipation placed on the company every time it launches a new product which is a great event for the fans as well as curious people. They camp the images of fans outside the stores to make the latest model on sale memorable. 

So, we may say that Apple will be more successful in the upcoming days. We will be glad to see their marketing and communication techniques in the future too so that we may become inspired by them. This is evident that the Apple company will surely not alter its style in the short term. 


Apple has split up its products and services into a diverse business model. As of 2019, 54% of the total income of the company still depends on the sales of iPhones. The company also provides seamlessly growing services and subscriptions. The sales of the Apple iPhone have reduced in 2019 in comparison with the sale in 2018. That is why the company has launched a lot of tech accessories, particularly Airpods. If you want to learn more about the company or have any queries related to the company you may contact My Assignment Writing Help without a second thought. 


  1. What Makes Apple Prosperous?

The success of Apple depends on a strategic concept that surpassed originate desktop computing to add mobile devices and wearables. The key reasons for the success of Apple are performance as well as the design of the Apple products. 

  1. Why is Apple Better Than Android?

In comparison with Android devices, Apple mobiles perform better. They are designed in a way to work smoothly and quickly. Even the old iPhone models work very well and function smoothly. The Apple moniker has outstanding internal storage. So, the users get a magical experience after using Apple mobiles. 

  1. Why is Apple Prosperous in India?

The primary reason behind the success of Apple in India is its price. Maximum phones sold in India are prices below even the new Apple iPhone is not so expensive. According to Industry analyst IDC, the all-around selling Price of a mobile device in India is $224 which will grow by 18% in 2022. 

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