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A Case Study on Citigroup

CitiGroup Inc. most popularly known as Citi is an international investment bank and economic assistance-providing company. The bank is based in New York. Sanford Weill and Samuel Osgood set up this bank. This diversified financial service holding company provides consumer as well as business clients with a wide range of financial services. The company offers investment banking, cash management products, corporate banking services, and retail brokerage. Citigroup offers services to customers all across the entire globe. This is supposed to be the third-biggest bank in the United States. Moreover, the name of the bank is listed among the big four financial companies in the nation along with Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo.

The Basic Details of Citigroup

Have a look at the basic details of CitiGroup given below: 

  • Startup Name – Citigroup Inc.
  • Inventors – Sanford Weill (Travelers Group), Samuel Osgood (Citicorp)
  • Established – 8th October 1998
  • Enterprise – Financial services
  • Headquarters – New York, U.S
  • CEO – Michael Corbat
  • Website – www.citigroup.com

What is the Revenue of Citigroup? 

Here is the revenue data of Citigroup: 

  • As of 2017, the revenue of the company was $88.96 billion. 
  • As of 2018, the revenue of the company was $97.12 billion. 
  • As of 2019, the revenue of the company was $103.449 billion.
  • As of 2020, the revenue of the company was $94.702 billion.

Citigroup in India

The company launched its foremost center in India in Kolkata in 1902. This is supposed to be the single biggest foreign immediate investor in the economic assistance enterprise in India. It has nearly $ 1 billion in capital. The corporation has become one of the most mixed and well-known economic assistance providers in India. The firm performs through 40 units of Citibank in almost 20 municipalities and through distinct finance companies that are employing instantly or indirectly out of areas all over the nation. The corporation delivers an expansive range of corporate and acquisition banking services under the brand title Citigroup. The bank is delivering customer banking derivatives and services under the title of “Citibank” and customer finance under the title of CitiFinancial. 

The bank has a consumer ground of more than 900 big companies, more than 22000 little and medium industries, and more than 3,500,000 retail customers. The global corporate bank proposes a broad collection of economic assistance like treasury surveillance, trade assistance comprising money surveillance and business assistance, safeties custodianship, foreign trade, fixed revenue, equities deals and trading, and corporate finance to corporate customers, administrations, and economic organizations. 

The corporation delivers credit cards, private loans, mortgages, car loans, insurance, and acquisition assistance in retail banking for customers. Moreover, the corporation has a significant acquisition through its experience as a capital associate in various software and non-software companies in India. The most famous ones are i-Flex Solutions Limited and Polaris Software Labs Limited. 

What are the Products and Offerings of Citigroup?

  • The bank provides a wide array of economic assistance to its customers such as: like:Deposit Accounts – Savings Accounts, Current Accounts, and Term deposits.
  • Loans: The bank delivers different loans like Private Loans, Home Loans, loans against possessions, Car loans, and Ready Credit. 
  • Credit cards: The bank delivers different kinds of credit cards like Citibank Gold Card, Hutch Citibank Card, Jet Airways Citibank Gold Card, IndianOil Citibank Card, MTV Citibank Card, Shoppers’ Stop Citibank Card, Citibank Silver International Card, WWF Card, CRY Card, Citibank Cricket Visa Card, Times Card. 
  • Investments: Demat, Mutual funds.
  • Insurance: Credit Insurance, Life Insurance Solutions, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance
  • Banking: the company produces various banking services like Debit Cards, Suvidha Accounts, Citibank, and CitiGold Wealth Management. 
  • CitiBusiness: The company provides a lot of services for businesses like Current Accounts, Loans, and CitiBusiness cards. 
  • NRI services: The company provides Rupee Checking Accounts and India Deposits. 
  • Online services: The bank offers online assistance like Internet Banking, Statements on Email, Bill Payment, CitiAlert, and E-Commerce. 

What is the Business Model of Citigroup? 

Citi provides different economic and banking assistance to corporate, institutional, and individual customers worldwide. The following are the company’s introductory client components:

  • Banking Services – Consumers include the general public in its various operating areas and to whom it delivers consumer banking and credit services.

  • Wealth Management – High-Net-Worth Individuals include high-net-worth people and family offices to whom the business provides specialized wealth management services.

  • Institution Banking – Institutions comprise non-profits, charities, and other organizations to whom the corporation delivers wealth management and retail banking services.

  • Service to Government – Government Bodies are government agencies, public sector enterprises, and other governmental institutions to which the company delivers financial services.

What Type of Challenges Did Citigroup Face? 

The bank got compelled to forfeit money due to one problem, while the other prevented it from reimbursing cash to shareholders.

  • Failed Assets: Critics think the bank still has a lot of dead weight on its balance sheet to get rid of that. Underperforming, low-return industries, and Citi Holdings, the bank’s exhibition of failed assets and businesses put together following the economic problem, are two instances of this weight.
  • Legal Situation: The bank’s legal situation in Mexico is the second problem that Citi critics want to see settled. Controllers charged Citi’s affiliate, Banamex, of scamming customers a few months ago.

What is the Plan of Citi Group for the Future?

The company is making a new plan for the next five years which will concentrate on the following three particular areas: 

  • Low Carbon Transition :

Along with the $164 billion the bank decided to reach its $100 billion environmental financing goal. The bank likes to find and allow an additional $250 billion in low-carbon solutions. The various parts of this new plan are Renewable energy, green buildings, clean technology, sustainable transportation, energy efficiency, circular economy, sustainable agriculture, and land use. 

  • Climate Risk : 

The basic part of low-carbon growth is featuring, monitoring, and lowering the climate risk and effect of the client portfolio of Citi. The bank is the best in climate examination, and exposure, abiding by the rules and regulations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and issuing its first TCFD report in 2018.

  • Sustainable Operations : 

This plan incorporates fourth-generation operational footprint targets for GHG emissions, energy, water, waste reduction, and sustainable construction solutions. While climate science calls for a 45% deduction in global CO2 emissions by 2030, Citi is quickening up the procedure by 2025. It expects to attain 100% renewable electricity to power sites across the globe by the end of 2020.


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  • Who are the Top Competitors of Citigroup?

Some of the top competitors of Citigroup are as follows:

  • Morgan Stanley
  • RBS
  • HSBC
  • Bank of America
  • Wells Fargo
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • What is the competitive advantage of Citigroup? 

Diversity is one of the competitive advantages of CitiGroup. In a global marketplace, it is crucial for an association to deliver a wide range of opinions and solutions to its customers. At Citi, we realize diversity is one of our competitive edges.

  • What is the Strength of Citibank?

Strengths refer to those characteristics which enable a corporation to have a small advantage over its adversaries. The strength of Citi Bank is its brand reputation.

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