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A Brief Note On Homeostasis And Survival

We all know that the normal body temperature of human beings is 98.6° F. This temperature implies that human beings are fine at this temperature. The temperature does not increase or reduce all of a sudden. This is an instance of homeostasis. It is nothing but a process that assists in handling the chemical as well as physical states inside the inner atmosphere of the human body. The students who are pursuing biology, particularly physiology, are asked to prepare a pile of assignments on homeostasis. My Assignment Writing Help offers the best biology assignment help. Let’s learn about homeostasis in detail. 

What Is The Meaning Of Homeostasis In Biology? 

It is very important to learn what homeostasis is before learning its significance. Homeostasis is the continual conservation of the greatest physiological states. Each body system works in harmony with each other to maintain the balance of the homeostasis of the body. It can also be described as the inclination to obstruct any changes to maintain a continual and permanent inner atmosphere. 

Homeostasis can be found as a group of mechanisms of our body that handles the inner temperature to stay stable, available energy, PH, and so on. With successful homeostasis, life will continue. Otherwise, it will cause death. Metabolism is very important because we are warm-blooded creatures. Furthermore, we have to maintain our PH, temperatures, and so on to keep ourselves fit and fine. If the systems fail to work properly it will cause a breakdown, accumulate garbage, and finally death. 

What Is The Significance Of Homeostasis For Handling The Ph Level Of The Human Body? 

The PH of the body is surveyed very deeply because the enzymes and other molecules of our body contain some particular PH value for conducting their essential works. But the different body parts have different PH values. We all know that the important molecules present in the blood are completely different from the molecules in the stomach. The blood has certain PH to provide hemoglobin. But if by any chance the PH level differs a little bit, hemoglobin will not be able to provide oxygen to the different body parts. 

How Does The Body Handle Homeostasis? 

The body handles homeostasis in various ways. Homeostasis helps to regulate PH, temperature, glucose, toxins, blood pressure, calcium, and so on. 


The body must retain a constant temperature. If the body gets warm it uses vasodilating fur reducing the temperature. In this process, the blood vessels are expanded and the excessive heat goes away through the skin. 

pH balanced- 

The body helps to control the quantity of bases and acids in the blood. If the pH level is not maintained the lungs will push carbon dioxide out of the diaphragm as required. In this way, the pH level will be increased or decreased. 


Glucose is used by the body as the source of energy. But if the glucose level increases or decreases the person will face a lot of difficulties. So, to stay healthy it is very important to maintain the glucose level. For those who have high glucose levels, a hormone known as insulin is discharged from their body. 

Blood pressure- 

To stay healthy you have to maintain the blood pressure level. The blood pressure level speeds up or slows down the heart. 


If there are toxins in the blood it will devastate the homeostasis of the body. 


We all know that calcium is mainly present in the teeth and bones. But a little amount of calcium regulates within the blood. If by any chance the balance is not maintained it will not be good for the body. 

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