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  • June 20th, 2024

A Brief Idea About Summation And Synaptic Potentials

We all know that the CNS or the Central nervous system comprises the spinal cord and the brain. The other parts of the nervous system are the parts of the peripheral nervous system. There are tiny cells known as neurons that make up the entire nervous system. Neurons help to exchange the information in the body as electric signals and for this reason, the body moves. The neuron that delivers information is recognized as a presynaptic cell and the neuron that obtains information as electric signals is known as a postsynaptic cell or receiving cell.

If you want to learn more about the process of how the information is transmitted through neurons you have to first learn about the action potential. 

What Do You Mean By Action Potential?

There are nerves in every human body that are connected to the brain. It is quite similar to the wires in a room that are adjoined to the switchboard. When you are moving your hand or any other body parts that are like you are putting on the switches of the switchboard. When you want to move some of your body part the brain gets switched on for sending information through neurons to that body part. Suppose you want to switch on the fan. When you switch on the fan the information reaches the fan through wires and it starts to move. It is the electricity that makes the fan move. Likewise, neurons don’t say anything to the body parts; it just sends electrical information to the body part that you want to move. There are charged particles in the neurons or nerve cells which walk through action potential. But to comprehend action potential in detail is very important to know the electric potential. 

Electrical potential is the quality of work needed for moving an individual positive charge from one point to another within the electric area. Likewise, an action potential is the number of workers needed for moving an individual charged particle from one neuron to another. The charged particles walk from one cell to another through the cell membrane. The charge particles walk through the small gates. 

Synapses are the routes through which neural information is exchanged. 

The Difference Between Temporal Summation And Spatial Summation 

Simulation is one of the basic aspects of human physiology. The connection between temporal and spatial summation is very important to comprehend the function of the body and it helps to accelerate the neurons to give response. The primary distinctions between temporal summation and spatial summation are as follows: 

Temporal Summation Vs Spatial Summation 

  • Temporal summation is a kind of sensory summation that is connected to an individual stimulus for a short timeframe. 

But spatial summation is involved with a few spatially detached neurons at the very moment. 

  • An individual presynaptic neuron generates an action potential. 

But in spatial summation, a lot of presynaptic neurons produce the action potential. 

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