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100+ Trending Topics Of American History 

We all know that American history is full of battles, intolerance, ethical discrimination, success stories, freedom, and debates. There are valuable lessons in every period which enable the students to delve deep into the various viewpoints of the people of that time. If you require any help regarding your American History assignment you may feel free to contact My Assignment Writing Help. We will be glad to help you. 

An Overview of American History 

  • Colonial Settlements
  • The American Revolution
  • The Civil War
  • Participation in World Wars
  • Post-War Global Superpower 

The US is supposed to be a global superpower. But when you study the history of it back to the early 1600s, you will be amazed to learn about the simple openings of it. 

  • America was the dwelling place of different indigenous tribes, like the Cherokee, the Inuits, the Navajos, and many more before Europe began colonizing the US.
  • Spain, France, Portugal, and Europe started to invade America due to the natural resources of it. 
  • The British managed to get 13 colonies under their control the Middle Colonies, the New England colonies, and the Southern colonies. 
  • The Treaty of Paris made in 1783, symbolized the extinction of the American Revolution. 
  • The US Constitution was created after independence. 
  • The United States took most of the 1800s conquering the North American continent.
  • Ultimately, a civil war took place between the Union and the Confederates due to ideological and political discrepancies. 
  • The extinction of the Civil War caused the Reconstruction Era which was split into two phases- the Presidential reconstruction and the radial reconstruction.
  • Although America was hesitant to take part in the First World War, it participated later which hardened its participation in global events. 
  • The economic growth at the time of the Roaring Twenties finished with the collision and drop of the stock market and the Great Depression at the time of the 1930s. 
  • The US entered the led Forces after the attack of Japan on Pearl Harbour at the time of World War II. 
  • The financial profit at the time of the war helped the US to rise as the new superpower. 
  • In the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist invasion, America started to take part in various battles in the Middle East.

Indeed, the economy, as well as the society of the US are not yet ideal. But it carries on to relish great power and admiration globally. If you consider this different history, it is quite obvious that you will get puzzled by the number of options for your American history paper. 

The Tips and Tricks on How to Make Your American History Paper Outstanding

If the whole class gets a specific topic in American History class you must be thinking how to make your paper different from the pool of papers. 

Here is a simple solution for you. You just have to concentrate on drafting an impressive paper that will be capable enough to grab the attention of the readers instantly. You may apply the following tips and tricks to make your paper unique: 

  • You have to keep up a proper chronology at the time of assessing the historical data. 
  • You should not make a summary. You have to concentrate on the importance of the event.
  • You may use cross-references to other analogous historical incidents to draw a parallel. 
  • You need to double-check the significant dates and details of a specific event. 
  • You need to say no to any prejudice. You have to keep yourself factual in your strategy for any historical case. 

What Things Are Required to Be Considered at the Time of Selecting American History Topics?

While you are selecting American History topics you have to consider the following things: 

  • Previous knowledge 
  • Interest 
  • Applicability 
  • Appeal 
  • Time 

What Are a Few American History Topics That Will Help You to Bag Outstanding Grades?

It is not an easy task to choose extraordinary American history topics. But if you choose the common topics it will impact your grades. There are a lot of fields from which you may pick any topic for your American History paper. But proper to choose any topic you have to ask yourself the questions given below: 

  • For which reason are you curious about that particular event?
  • Is the historical event still applicable in modern times?
  • What are the appealing facets of the historical event?
  • Is there any specific historical character who you are willing to concentrate on?
  • Is the topic too wide or too limited?

Do you have any previous knowledge about the topic?

You have to keep the due date and wireless of the topic in your mind so that you do not face any issues in the middle of your way. 

For instance, suppose you have chosen the topic– what is the role of George Washington in the American Revolution? It will not be possible for you to finish your paper timely. But if you make the topic short like what is the role of George Washington in the battle at Yorktown, you will be able to write a more flawless paper and you do not need to be separated from the main topic. 

100+ popular topics in American History 

For those who are thinking about the storage of creativity at the time of choosing American History topics, we have given here a lot of creative choices that you may analyze. The topics are as follows: 

Captivating Topics on American History 

  • What are the main factors that cause the battle between America and Mexico? 
  • For which factors did slavery in the US abolished?
  • What is the connection between Christianity and slavery?
  • What is the history of racism in America and what are the effects of it on contemporary society?
  • How did the Great Depression impact the American economy?

Topics on American History Before 1865 

  • What is the connection between the early Virginia Colony inhabitants and Native Americans?
  • How did the geographic location of Georgia affect Oglethorpe’s decision of making it a colony?
  • What are the main factors that led the American colonies to protest against the British Imperial powers in 1763?
  • What were the effects of the War of 1812?
  • Talk about the failures of Washington early in his career. 

Native American History Topics 

  • Assess the class pressure confronted by Native Americans in the US. 
  • For what reasons did the Native Americans take part in the First World War voluntarily?
  • In what way did the Native American tribes protest against the colonization of their lands?
  • What is the significance of Jim Crow’s Law in implementing racial segregation? 
  • Make a comparison and contrast between Native American Christianity and religions. 

Alluring American History Topics 

  • Assess the role of student revolutions in the US critically.
  • In what way did evolution technology assist America in the World Wars?
  • What impact did the Puritans have on American politics?
  • What were the effects of the 9/11 invasion on Muslims in the US?
  • Talk about the hindrances Black Americans faced for having an education in the US. 

Civil War Topic Ideas 

  • Do you think that the Civil War might have been bypassed through settlement?
  • In what way did public opinion affect the Civil War in America?
  • What is the role of the Civil War on the American economy?
  • For which reason was the South adamant against the nullification of slavery?
  • Do you think that industrialization has a great role in the Civil War? 

Captivating Queries About American History 

  • How many stages did the Feminist movement go through in the US?
  • Do you believe that there is a connection between fashion and politics in the US?
  • Will you believe that John F. Kennedy is a better president than George Washington?
  • In what way does the organization of America alter the standard of living of most Americans?
  • In what way did the sex revolution in the US affect discussions of freedom all over the world?

American History Topics Ideas On World War I & II 

  • What strategies were taken by the US to stop shortages of food at the time of the World Wars?
  • For what reason did America determine to collaborate with the Allied Forces at the time of the First World War? 
  • In what way did the US treat captives of war at the time of World War II?
  • Talk about the way the US benefited from the two World Wars.
  • What was the role of the American women in World War II?

US History Topics On The American Revolution 

  • What is the significance of the Declaration of Independence of 1776?
  • What is the significance of the Boston Tea Party in connection with the American Revolution?
  • Assess the role of the Founding Fathers in reassuring the freedom of the US from British rule.
  • Why was it required to build a new constitution after the American Revolution?
  • What is the role of France in assisting America to gain freedom from the British? 

American History Research Topics 

  • Assess the life of most Americans critically at the time of the Civil War.
  • Make a comparison and difference between the significance of religion in the 18th century US and the 21st century US.
  • Assess the significance of the New Deal in terminating the Great Depression in America.
  • Explore in brief the evolution of the navy in the US.
  • What was the role of America in the Cold War?

Unusual American History Topics 

  • In what way did the assassination of Abraham Lincoln influence American Society?
  • What is the importance of the printing press in publicising education in America? 
  • In what way did Asian culture evolve in America?
  • What are the intricacies of the diplomatic connections between America and Iran?
  • Assess the evolution of pop culture in the US music industry.

Have you found anything suitable for you? You have to keep in mind that if you can select the perfect American history topic you will be able to bag an A+ grade easily. So, you need to start quietly and choose the topics with which you have the highest confidence level. We provide the best American History Assignment help. So you may get in touch with us whenever you want. 


  1. What are the most debatable topics in American History?

A few debatable topics in American History are as follows: 

  • Was it important to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the time of World War II?
  • Has the abolishment of slavery enhanced the lives of people in the US?
  • Has the future of the citizens of the US censored due to industrialization?
  • Is the US able to keep up its position as the top world power when it banned immigrants?
  1. How will you draft an American History topic?

You have to do extensive research and consult different sources if you want to do fair with any kind of American history topic. The facts about a specific event may differ and rely greatly on viewpoints. So, at the time of drafting a paper on any American history topic, you have to take precise notes and focus on the realities in place of focusing on the statements. 

  1. What Are The Top 10 American History Topics?

The top 10 American history topics are as follows: 

  • The effect of industrialization 
  • Religion and slavery 
  • The American Civil War 
  • Rise of feminism 
  • The Great Depression 
  • American Revolution 
  • The US in the two World Wars 
  • Early British colonies in the US 
  • Protestant Reformation 
  • Evolution of the hippie culture 
  1. What Are The Best Topics For An American History Research Paper?

The best topics for an American history research paper are the topics that are still pertinent in the 21st century. Some of them are as follows: 

  • The importance of Barack Obama as the first President from a minority in the US.
  • The development of Puritan culture in the US vs online communities.
  • Draw a parallel between the American Civil War and the Black Lives Matter movement. 
  1. What Are a few Argumentative American History Topics?

A few argumentative American history topics are given below: 

  • The bias against African-Americans in the military at the time of the American Revolution.
  • Is America at risk of losing its level as a superpower in the future?
  • Was John F. Kennedy a better president than George Washington?
  • The opposed situations of the North and South at the time of the American Civil War.
  1. What Are a Few Presentation Topics About American History?

If you require a few ideas for your American history presentation, you should check the following:

  • The impacts of the Great Depression on the American Economy.
  • The predicament of women at the time of the Salem Witch Trials.
  • The history of slavery in the US.
  • The role of the Founding Fathers at the time of the American Revolution.
  • The writings of the American Constitution. 
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