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Best 100 Nursing Research Proposal Topics of 2023

The healthcare industry has been the first line of defence against the Covid-19 epidemic, notably the nurses who step up to safeguard and care for their patients. Nursing students must choose engaging and instructive topics for their assignments. Selecting the best topic is the most challenging task that covers all relevant information, is interesting and meets all provision requirements.

Choosing a solid research topic that improves academic performance and raises the probability of receiving high grades. Online browsing is time-wasting because there are so many websites. A well-written research proposal should be original, informative and well-formatted. 

However, each of these characteristics is totally dependent on the topic chosen, therefore choosing a good topic is the first step in structuring high-quality research assignments. My Assignment Writing Help is here to solve the challenges, we provide 100 nursing research proposal topics that may assist you in choosing the ideal topic for your upcoming research assignment to excel in your coursework.

Adult Nursing Research: 

  • The value of living an active lifestyle in preserving health.
  • Control over oral hygiene and health.
  • The causes of stress and anxiety.
  • Maintaining a healthy water intake to avoid being dehydrated.
  • Programmes to raise awareness of maintaining a healthy weight and way of life.

Child Nursing Research

  • Maintaining good eating patterns in kids with obesity—child nursing research.
  • The moral implications of vaccination.
  • Babies’ seizures: their causes.
  • Management of antibiotic resistance in children.
  • Care for young children with psychosocial problems.

Female Issues Research 

  • Nursing on postpartum care and health management for mothers of preterm infants.
  • Increasing the effectiveness of strategic measures for STD prevention.
  • Maintaining emotional stability in post-miscarriage women.
  • Mythologies in Cervical cancer screening and its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Chlamydia treatment and care schedule.

Elderly nursing research.

  • Leg restlessness and vitamin D insufficiency impact senior citizens.
  • Pros and drawbacks of posture maintenance treatment.
  • Care plans and nutrition recommendations to Diabetes patients with elevated lipid levels Causes of elderly anorexia nervosa.
  • Reduction of older people’s susceptibility and danger.

Self-Care Nursing Research: 

  • The value of healthy eating and sleeping habits for nurses.
  • Putting self-care first in nursing.
  • Upkeep of cleanliness and wellness.
  • Effects on nurses in a poorly ventilated environment.
  • Effect of poor mental stability on productivity.

Primary nursing research.

  • Benefits of home care nursing, 
  • Healthcare system: public versus private.
  • Advantages of including probiotics in a regular diet.
  • The value of nurses in education.
  • Removing financial transactions from public healthcare environments.

Quantitative Nursing Research.

  • Benefits of nutrition control,
  • Heart attacks’ causes and consequences.
  • Difficulties in managing chronic illnesses.
  • Assessment and effectiveness of critical care nurses.
  • Preparing patients to control their own treatment.

Research in Mental Health Nursing

  • Rehabilitation of Motor Function in Stroke Patients.
  • effectiveness of mirror therapy in the treatment of brain injuries.
  • AIDS and cancer patients who experience depression and anxiety.
  • Delirium side effects of antipsychotic medications.

Pain management nursing research

  • Neck exercise as a migraine cure, 
  • The use of IVs and injections to provide painkillers.
  • Effects of mobility restriction in osteoporosis.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis treatment regimen.
  • Treatment for severe headaches brought on by panic episodes.

Research on obstetric nursing 

  • HIV and breastfeeding.
  • Adverse effects of early pregnancy.
  • Management and attention during pregnancy
  • Pain relief during labour.
  • During the first three months of pregnancy, make changes to your routine and care plan.

Diseases Nursing Research

  • Prevention of infectious illnesses.
  • Treatment of stroke in people with high cholesterol.
  • managing diabetes through food consumption.
  • Age-related hypertension and the risk of stroke.
  • To lower the prevalence of sexually transmitted illnesses, increase awareness about safe sex.

Research on nursing management

  • Opportunities for nurses compared to those for other health professionals.
  • Salary and growth differences between doctors and nurses.
  • methods to boost nurse productivity.
  • Nursing collaboration and its advantages.
  • challenges of working amid the nursing shortage.

Nursing Research on Relationship Management 

  • Nursing communication effectiveness.
  • Importance of relationships and trust between nurses and physicians.
  • Effects of reliance on physicians or nurses.
  • Benefits of fostering relationships between nurses and patient families.
  • Partnership between nurses and human resources to improve management and care.

Digital Nursing Research

  • Nurses’ use of telemedicine facilities and pros and cons.
  • essential nursing care online.
  • Nursing care in nursing homes versus online nursing care.
  • Chronic illness monitoring and management using an online nursing portal.
  • Importance of online communities for nurses throughout the world.

Career-related Nursing research

  • Workload stress has a long-term negative impact on nurses’ health
  • Nurse’s personal and professional life.
  • Health care management during required night shifts.
  • Adjusting to changes in updated healthcare environments.
  • The value of nursing residency programmes for advancing one’s career.

Insufficient communication Nursing research

  • Families’ lack of trust in the medical system.
  • Keeping on excellent terms with the medical staff.
  • Provide the patients with the care they require.
  • Enhancing communication abilities for improved reliability and trust.
  • Role of winning patients’ confidence in order to sustain health.

Improvement of skills in Nursing research

  • Using critical thinking.
  • Handling of an emergency.
  • Nursing leadership and decision-making.
  • Advantages of cross-cultural nursing.
  • Enhancing collaboration in the nursing industry and its impact on nurses’ productivity.

Ethics in nursing research 

  • An ethical approach to treating elderly people.
  • treating mental patients with integrity.
  • a moral approach to pain treatment.
  • Ethics of infertility.
  • Ethics in paediatric management and care.

Comparison in Nursing Research

  • Alternative versus complementary therapy modalities 
  • acceptability of female nurses against male nurses in the healthcare industry.
  • effectiveness of treatments versus medicines.
  • Surgery vs. the pill to end a pregnancy.
  • Nursing home care versus care at home. Cons and benefits.

Health Promotion Nursing Research

  • Importance of safe sexual practises and contraception, 
  • Patient care’s moral value.
  • The advantages of raising awareness about how deadly infectious illnesses are.
  • Educating parents to provide their kids with healthier options.
  • Strengthening the nursing community.

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