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A list of popular mental illness essay topics— instances and insights

The rapid growth of mental illness has now become a matter of great concern. Who will be the victim of poor mental health is unpredictable. Anyone can be the prey of mental disorder irrespective of children or grown-ups. 

For this reason, students have to prepare a lot of essays related to mental health during their academic life in universities and colleges. Such assignments give the best opportunity to leaders to delve deep into the intricacies of mental health and explore this wide topic by using their critical thinking and analytical skills. 

What are the important features of a mental health essay?

The important features of a mental health essay are:

  • Focus
  • Development
  • Coherence
  • Unity
  • Accuracy

At the time of drafting a mental disorder essay, you have to remember that your teachers have already read a lot of essays on this topic throughout the years. That is why you need to make sure to include the following features in your mental illness essay to grab the attention of your professors within a snap: 

A Focused Exploration Of The Topic –

You have to focus on a single prominent idea in each paragraph.

Advanced Development –

At the time of drafting your mental health essay, you need to ensure that the ideas are developing naturally one by one and you have kept the main idea in your mind. 

Coherence In Arguments –

You may tie up your ideas together with rational coherence. You need to make sure that the reader is not feeling that a specific point seems to be out of place in your essay. 

Harmony Between The Paragraphs –

You may focus on a new idea in each paragraph but they should be tied up together with the main hook of the mental health essay. 

Error-Free Writing –

For any kind of mental health essay research plays a very vital role. For this reason, you have to check your facts multiple times, utilize credible resources, and proofread your content to make sure that your essay is 100% error-free. 

You may outline or create a mind map to make sure that your mental health essay contains the above-mentioned features. It is very important to bind your opinions with the central hook and figure out the facts you want to analyze in your mental illness essay. 

A huge number of essay topics related to mental illness perfect for every student 

It is indeed a difficult task to select a perfect topic for an essay because the grades depend on the topic too. The all-around quality of your paper depends on your selected topic.

That is why to ease your job we, the experts of My Assignment Writing Help, have beautifully created a comprehensive list of a pool of popular essay topics related to mental illness. The list is given below : 

Innovative Mental Illness Topics for Debate 

  • Have the cases of poor mental health increased due to the digital renaissance?
  • May we reduce the psychiatric breakdown affairs with better lifestyle management?
  • How does the mental health of children get affected by the divorce of parents?
  • Do people with poor financial conditions suffer more from poor mental health than people with good financial conditions?
  • The yellow wallpaper illustrates postnatal sorrow very well– do you think so?
  • Society has a great part in widening mental health disorders– do you approve or think differently?
  • Can we cure teenage depression by warning people about mental health?
  • Are the students benefited from the foreword of mental health agendas held in universities or colleges?
  • Is the person who is gripped by social media able to function well in the community?
  • Are the fashion houses accountable for circulating an idealistic body standard amongst women?
  • Should the administration take steps to make mental healthcare more convenient?
  • Can a person keep himself mentally fit till old age by solving puzzles?
  • The backdated perspective of society on mental health is one of the main explanations that make people frightened to take expert help– Discuss. 
  • For which factors women are weaker to mental illnesses than men?
  • Is there any connection between music and mental soundness?

Index Of Controversial Subjects In Mental Health

  • Why do the women who are in an abusive relationship try to save their abuse? Explain.
  • People who are suffering from gender individuality disorder generally surrender to negative thinking– do you agree or disagree?
  • Should academic institutions concentrate more on the mental conditions of students at the time of making the syllabus final?
  • What is the role of society in propagating mental disorders?
  •  “Retaining a mental disease has become a fad everyone likes to take part in.” – Convey your opinions on this opinion.
  • Exercise and optimistic thoughts are the best antidotes to mental diseases– do you agree or not?
  • If a person of a positive mindset is surrounded by negative people will it affect him?
  • How does society treat the women who are undergoing infertility and in what way does the mental health of those females get affected?
  • Rebuking children for their incapabilities is a kind of mental torture– explain. 
  • Make a comparison and distinction of the mental health diseases in the US and Africa. 
  • Assess the past of the word hysterical and in what way it developed to indicate a mental disorder in females. 
  • Analyze whether kids who grew up in an abusive home with mentally sick parents should not be needed to take care of them as a responsibility.
  • Has the idea of the “mad artist” romanticized mental disease?
  • Self-diagnosis examinations to evaluate mental health should be prohibited – Approve or think differently?
  • Are serial assassins a defeat of the community or prey to imperfect mental health?

Persuasive Essay Topics On Mental Illness

  • Make a comparison between the mental fitness of people who work 4 days a week and the people who work 6 days a week. Are people who work fewer hours than the people who work longer more mentally strong?
  • Is it necessary for every company to provide recesses for mental health for their workers?
  • Is it necessary for insurance companies to begin covering mental disorders?
  • Is mental healthcare in America getting poorer than in the UK and Canada?
  • Is there any erect on physical health due to poor mental condition?
  • Do you think that fierce video games may cause mental illnesses among young kids?
  • The COVID-19 pandemic was the catalyst bringing about the awful mental health condition in every nation – Explain.
  • Do you think that parenting types play a part in rising teenage recession issues?
  • Anxiety and depression are distinct– do you think so?
  • Can chronic insomnia cause a compromise in mental health?
  • Is winning over phobias evidence of mental persistence?
  • Talk about whether online harassment and cyberbullying are more vicious than oral torture.
  • The world still has a long way to go to destigmatize mental disease – Do you approve?
  •  Can community intervention aid enhance the situations of those who suffer from mental diseases independently?
  • Should a mental health counselor maintain the confidentiality of patients if they think that the life of the patient might be at risk?

Mental Health Argumentative Essay Subjects 

  • Can we attach mental health issues to race?
  • Should workplaces bring up more mental health benefits to keep workers?
  • Does the stigma towards mental health increase in juvenile societies?
  • Is it necessary for all workers to undergo a psychological test before being employed?
  • Is it ever right to pardon examples of physical brutality, no matter whether it is from your loved ones? 
  • Is there any connection between mental disease and drug misuse?
  • Does isolation influence mental health? Talk over in connection to the film The Shining.
  • In what way does the relationship between parents and kids alter while the kid suffers from prolonged mental health diseases?
  • Why do mental health diseases scourge young kids while they have a lot of things to explore about the world of complicated emotions?
  • Can a patient get rid of mental illnesses by following an ideal life?
  • Do you think that there is a lot of prospect for advancement in mental health care in the USA?
  • How does undiagnosed mental illness in kids impact their development?
  • Talk about the difficulties of marijuana obsession in people in their mid-40s.
  • Analyze the “hikikomori” phenomenon in Japan and clarify whether this kind of behavior originates from mental health problems.
  • Is color treatment a sufficient step to assist young grown-ups suffering from intense mental illnesses?

Importance Of Mental Health Essay Subjects 

  • In what way do people get rid of the misery of losing their after-effects with the help of grief counseling sessions?
  • What are the after-effects of boys who grow up in a patriarchal community that hates emotional shows?
  • Talk about the encircling stigma around mental health from the viewpoint of a marginalized individual.
  • Analyze the workings of the insentient mentality in people with chronic mental health problems.
  • Investigate whether economic peace has a role in specifying the sort of mental disorder an individual might give in to.
  •  “People who are too busy earning money to survive day-to-day do not have time for mental health.” – Clarify your thoughts.
  • What is the role of the Education Department in the rapidly growing suicide rates all over Japan?
  • Make a comparison between the number of high school learners who are suffering from mental health problems all across the USA and Australia.
  • What mental obstacles should people grind down to acknowledge LGBTQIA+ people as a component of the community?
  • What is the connection between poor awareness about mental health and people who are under antidepressants? 
  • Evaluating the regular mass shootings in the USA, should all people undergo mandatory mental health evaluations regularly?
  • Explore the best ways in which academic organizations can come to be a secure area for learners with mental illnesses.
  • What is the difference between the mental health issues in the USA and Asia?
  • Analyze the theme of depression in The Bell Jar.
  • How does age affect the mental well-being of an individual?

Brilliant Mental Health Subjects To Draft About

  • How do the learners who are unable to get admitted to a good college get affected by South Korean culture?
  • What is necessary to remember for psychiatric nurses at the time developing a therapy technique for a new patient?
  • Make a comparison between the growing examples of mental pressure in adolescents and young grown-ups in Africa and Australia. 
  • Examine the ordinary self-care advice to strengthen the mental health of a person and assess their usefulness.
  • Assess the way the mental condition of the young African and American people has worsened all through the years. 
  • How do disabled people suffer while they are left alone without proper mental health treatment?
  • How useful are motivational lectures in boosting the mental health of a person?
  •  Is binge eating an indication of mental disease?
  • Can optimistic assurance have a strongly favorable effect on people who are suffering from mental illnesses?
  • What is the difference between the postmodern perspective on mental health and Victorian principles?
  • Examine the passionate and biological misuse sex staffers tolerate regularly and how it affects their mental health.
  • Analyze the technological refinements in the field of psychiatry and their impacts on a better diagnosis.
  • Are people with tension diseases more inclined to mental health problems?
  • What impact does a deficiency of bedtime have on mental health?
  • Analyze the behavioral abnormalities prevalent in most child abuse prey.

Best Research Subjects On Mental Health

  • Explore how the dynamics of family play an important part when taking care of a mentally disturbed individual.
  • Describe the relationship between the mental health of 5th graders in Australia during the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and 13 months after the beginning of the pandemic.
  • Is overconsumption of junk food an apparent hint of poor mental health?
  • How does the absence of jobs in growing nations form in lesser satisfaction levels?
  • Investigate the impact of climate on mental health.
  • Do people have mood swings depending on the environmental probabilities?
  • Mental disease influences a lot of people but only a few of them express them – Why?
  • Analyze the function of preadolescence knowledge in forming the mental health of a person.
  • Talk about the illustration of mental disease in A.J. Finn’s The Woman in the Window.
  • Is there any connection between artistic opinions and cognitive diseases

 in Asia?

  • How have mental diseases cast themselves onto craftwork and literature throughout the eras?
  • Should we forgive serial assassins who are suffering from mental diseases for their offenses?
  • Analyze the idea of “madness” and the “Madwoman” prevailing in Victorian society.
  • How did people handle mental health problems before the 20th century?
  • Examine the science behind exerting daily to enhance mental health.

How will you pick a perfect mental health topic?

Nowadays the awareness about mental health is increasing. That is why you will be able to find a pool of research papers and case studies related to the different aspects of this topic. That is why it is a nerve-wracking task to choose a perfect mental health essay topic. It is very important to conduct a thorough literature review to find a perfect research topic. You need to keep the following tips in your mind if you are going to choose your mental illness topic : 

  • You need to explore different questions about mental health for learners. 
  • You need to make sure that the topic is not very wide. For a wide topic, you have to put 90% of your time into researching.
  • You need to check the prevailing literature to figure out the research gaps that you may investigate.
  • You need to make sure that you have adequate interest in the topic so that you may put your hard work into it without giving up hope. 

What should you not do at the time of choosing a mental illness essay topic?

You need to make sure not to do the following things at the time of choosing a mental illness essay topic: 

  • You need to ignore the topics that do not have adequate research elements. 
  • You should not pick anything in which you do not have any personal interest but your professors may love them.
  • You should not choose a topic for which you will not be able to keep up an ideal perspective.
  • You should never choose a subject where you have to curtail the subject in place of assessing it in detail. 
  • You should not be scared of making nominal adjustments to your topic at the time of progressing with your paper. 


  1. How will you draft a mental health essay?

If you are going to write a mental health essay you need to keep the following things in your mind: 

  • You have to make sure that you have adequate wisdom about the subject you have selected.
  • You need to do thorough research to make sure that you are not writing generalized content.
  • You need to examine research papers and dissertations related to mental health. 
  • You need to outline that you do not go off-topic. 
  • You have to draft in short periods in place of compelling yourself to draft for hours. 
  1. What needs to be considered at the time of choosing a mental health topic?

It is indeed a very difficult task to choose a mental health topic for drafting an essay or research paper. That is why you need to follow the tips given below for choosing a mental health topic: 

  • You need to check if you have a basic idea about the chosen topic. 
  • You need to make sure that you have a huge amount of time so that you may analyze every facet of the topic. 
  • You need to check if the topic is unique so that you may easily grab the attention of the readers. 
  1. What are the causes of mental diseases?

There is not a single cause of mental diseases. We have mentioned the most relevant causes of mental illnesses below: 

  • Arguments with any close friends or family members. 
  • The demise of a loved one.
  • Poor economic conditions.
  • Chronic pain and disease.
  • Life-threatening medical condition.
  • Involvement in a significant accident. 
  • Childhood trauma.
  1. What are the three primary subjects for mental health?

At the time of choosing mental health topics for your essay, you may classify them into three classes: 

  • Cognitive health
  • Emotional health
  • Behavioral Health

With the help of these excellent classes, you will be able to understand which part of the essay you need to concentrate on. 

  1. What is a good mental health essay subject?

A good mental health essay subject should contain the following features: 

  • It should offer an extraordinary viewpoint on an important issue.
  • You should make sure that you may include more of the prevailing literature. 
  • It will give you scope for conducting thorough research. 

You have to concentrate on the research opportunities and give an extraordinary solution to an issue in place of choosing a cliche mental health essay topic. 

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